Foods That Boost Testosterone

Foods That Boost Testosterone are very important to men as we age. The central role testosterone plays in sexual health, and bodybuilding is the reason why there are so many products out there for boosting testosterone. They are all designed to help when the natural levels of the hormone start dropping in the body. This decline could be due to aging, chronic illnesses or environmental exposures to substances like statin medications. To bring the levels back up, you may opt for drugs, supplements or the safest option which include foods that boost testosterone.   Yes, certain foods will surprisingly do magic and get your sex drive or bodybuilding on track as your testosterone levels rise. Here are the 15 foods that boost testosterone levels.

When it comes to determining which foods boost testosterone, they contain many of the same ingredients that you want from a good natural testosterone booster, as you’ll see below.


Foods That Boost Testosterone

Tuna Fish

One of the foods that are rich in Vitamin D is Tuna. You can opt for this delicacy to give a kick to your testosterone levels. You can also get the same from other sources like the salmon and sardines. About 2 to 3 servings a week will get you enough vitamin D to get you the results.


Another seafood option is shellfish which includes crab and lobster. They also contain the mineral zinc that gets the testosterone levels rising. Including this food in your diet will deliver results within no time. You also benefit from the many health benefits of seafood. However, you will need to avoid consuming too much of the seafood because of the mercury content that may be harmful if it rises.

Egg Yolks

Despite the widespread belief that the egg yolk contains cholesterol that is not safe for the heart, this food remains to be one of the most useful options. It contains Vitamin D that reduces the binding of the hormone by SHBG, therefore, making more of it available in the body.  Some research has revealed that the cholesterol content in the egg yolk is also essential as it is the precursor for the formation of the male sex hormone. However, this food can only be used by those who have no pre-existing issues of cholesterol.


Regardless of the type of beans the rich zinc and vitamin D content will get your sex hormone levels back up within a short period. You can opt for the white kidney or the black beans for your meal. Baked beans too are equally potent in getting you results. They also have many plant-based proteins to help you stay healthy.


A significant fruit when it comes to boosting the sex hormone levels is the pomegranate. It contains Vitamins A, C, and E and the mineral iron. It also contains antioxidants. Besides its many health benefits, it can also lead to a rise in the levels of testosterone. Although finding the juice is much easier but try to use the whole fruit which is more natural and safer.


Avocados are one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats and therefore of HDL (good cholesterol). The monounsaturated fats promote nutrient absorption, and they do so in a way that is different from and synergistic with the way that Vitamin D does, so the two together provide even more benefit! And good cholesterol is essential for hormone production, including testosterone.  They also contain an aromatase inhibitor, oleuropein, and again, it works by different mechanisms than what’s found in pomegranates. Plus, they provide a lot of vitamins, including A, K2, C, B2, B5, B6, zinc, magnesium, and copper, several of which are essential testosterone supporters. Avocados are among the best foods that boost testosterone, and they combine well with all of the other top choices. At least in terms of nutrients. Avocados may pair well with many foods, but I’m not sure avocado oysters sound like a great snack!

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

An interesting way to get the masculinity hormone levels up is through the eating of raw pumpkin seeds. They do contain enough mineral zinc to help boost the hormone levels up.

Fortified Cereals

For your breakfast, you can add fortified cereals to your plan. The fortification includes the addition of vitamin D which is critical in getting the levels of your desired testosterone up. The advantage with this food is that it gives your body the morning kick to help minimize the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin that allows more free testosterone to flow in your body.

Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower

Although a surprise to many that cabbage can boost testosterone, it is highly effective. Together with broccoli and cauliflower, they lower estrogen using their indole-3-carbinol content which allows testosterone levels to rise. Excretion of estrogen, the feminine hormone, allows more effective functioning of the male sex hormone and an increase in its levels.

Red Grapes

Perhaps it’s about time you also got yourself some red grapes. Their skin contains resveratrol which is vital in improving the motility of sperms and the levels of the male sex hormone. That also points towards the effectiveness of red wine in delivering results. However, the alcohol content in the wine may result in detrimental effects on the testosterone levels.


The popular garlic is also key to helping you achieve your goals. It contains allicin which does lower cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that competes with testosterone for active sites on the muscle cells. Lowering the cortisol means the testosterone can easily act on the muscle cells and thus produce better results. Whey protein forms also function in the same way.


Low-fat milk that contains Vitamin D is also helpful in boosting the testosterone levels. Its amino acids also do boost the production of the anabolic hormones that will help in cutting the fat and building more muscle for a lean body. The calcium component helps in ensuring stronger bones. It is one food that brings countless benefits to the body.


Besides the many health benefits of honey, it contains two critical components. The mineral boron results in increased levels of testosterone which transforms your sex drive and bodybuilding. Nitric oxide that helps in vasodilation which helps in giving you stronger erections is also a component of honey.


Studies show that a vegetarian diet results in lowering of hormones that deactivate testosterone and so does saturated fats. Venison also accomplishes the same task and thus results in higher levels of the masculinity hormone available. It is the middle ground for those who do not want to stick on a strict vegetarian diet.


The final option in this list of foods that boost testosterone is the coconut which does contain healthy saturated fat. It also contains the healthy cholesterol and will help your hormonal levels of testosterone rise gradually.


Testosterone supplements are an excellent investment, make no mistake. But through proper diet, you can multiply the value you get out of them, by keeping your vitamins and minerals balanced, and ready to make use of the testosterone boosters that your supplements provide. We hope this list helped put you on the right track to include more foods that boost testosterone into your diet!


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