First, What is Testosterone?

As a hormone that defines masculinity, the effects of low testosterone are some of the most troubling things for any man. This vital steroid hormone produced in your testicles and the ovaries in females is higher in males than in women. It plays several crucial roles: Growth of muscles Increase in bone mass, Stimulation of sperm production, Sexual development involving genital organs, Sex drive and sexual behavior. Before looking at the symptoms, it is essential to know what factors lead to the hypogonadism (low levels of testosterone).

What Causes Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men?

The common causes are: Increasing age – levels start declining at age 30 but more marked when over 50 Use of medications including steroids and opiates  Excessive alcohol use Chronic illnesses Tumors of the pituitary, Infections in the testicles and Stress.  The effects of the dropping levels of the hormone are often subtle at first, but after some time, you may notice several major changes.

Here are the ten low testosterone symptoms in men. They are divided into sexual, physical, emotional and sleep changes.

Sexual Function Changes

1. Low Sexual Desire  For most people, the first sign is often a decrease in the sex drive due to the central role the male hormone plays in libido. This symptom is common among those beyond the age of 50; however, an early drop will be manifest in a similar fashion. At first, you may think it is just the busy life you have, but with time, you will notice you no longer have the same energy and passion for some quality bedroom time with your partner.

2. Low Semen Volume  You may also notice a decrease in the amount of semen at ejaculation. The fluid helps in the motility of the sperms. Behind the scenes, infertility may be setting in. The impotence is due to the low sperm count resulting from low levels of testosterone which is involved in the stimulation of sperm production. In some cases, the presenting complain to a doctor may be infertility which after lab workup reveal that it is the low testosterone.

3. Erection Difficulties  The testosterone in your body helps you achieve and maintain an erection. It is done through stimulation of receptors in the brain for production of Nitric Oxide, a potent vasodilator that causes accumulation of blood in the penis and hence an erection. Low T shows up as difficulties in getting an erection before sex and also less spontaneous erections. However, Erectile Dysfunction is not purely due to low testosterone as there are many other causes too that need investigation.

Physical Changes

4. Loss of Muscle Mass  Among the roles of this ‘male hormone’ is the growth of lean muscle tissue. That is the reason you may see many bodybuilders going in for supplements for the hormone. When the levels of the hormone start dipping, you will notice a decline in your muscle mass. Your once highly masculine body starts losing its defining looks. It is often a gradual process and by the time you notice it, significant losses will have already happened.

5. A decrease in Bone Mass  There is thinning of bone mass or what the doctors call osteoporosis as the levels of the hormone drop. It is due to the crucial role the hormone plays in the growth of your bone density. The effect of the decrease in your bone mass is that it becomes easier to develop fractures. Minor accidents which would usually leave you with just some soft tissue injury will now result in a fractured bone.

6. Increase in Body Fat  One of the roles of testosterone is the breakdown of fats through the boosting of anabolic hormones. A fall in the levels results in a tendency to increase your body fat. The distribution of fat in your body becomes a problem, and that is how you start losing your shape. Together with the loss of your muscle mass, your former attractive self will start fading away. You will experience difficulties in controlling your weight at this point.

7. Swelling of the Breasts (Gynecomastia)  The presence of more testosterone than estrogen in your body is the reason for your masculinity. When the levels of T start falling, the estrogen levels go higher and thus result in swelling and tenderness in your breast tissue besides other effects on your body. As a man, when you notice your breasts start enlarging, it is almost always an imbalance in the hormones, and a decrease in testosterone is one of the causes that will need investigation.

8. Extreme Fatigue  Another symptom is feeling tired most of the time. You may get yourself some good night’s sleep, and a long rest abut still feel fatigued. The reason behind the fatigue is the vital role testosterone plays in energy production in the body. That’s is also one of the reasons bodybuilders do go in for supplements to keep their energy levels up and increase endurance during exercise.

Emotional Changes

9. Mood Changes  Another change that accompanies the sexual and physical changes is the change in your moods. You may go into depression which is a feeling of sadness. Irritability may also manifest as the levels take a dip. At first, the people around you will notice the changes. As you experience mood swings, the people closest to you may take the heat. After some time, the changes may become apparent even to yourself.   Mental capacity decreases and there is also the inability to focus. Some people may experience trouble with their memory too. Motivation and self-drive start taking a dip as the hormone falls. You are left in a demotivated state most of the time.

Sleep Changes

10. Insomnia  The last symptom among the commonly experienced ones in low T is insomnia where you primarily suffer from lack of sleep. It does compound the problem especially when struggling with extreme fatigue, and you have to lay up in bed most of the night awake and yet not able to satisfy your partner.

Here’s a small list of other factors that Cause Low Testosterone Symptoms in Men

  • Chronic Obesity and/or being overweight
  • Continued or excessive alcohol consumption
  • A lot of pain management pharmaceuticals
  • Phthalates, found in many plastics
  • Soy based foods and products
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Stress Stress Stress!
  • Excessive Marijuana use
  • Long-term relationships (Yes REALLY!)
  • Not enough sleep

As you can see, Low T can be a very devastating prognosis for a guy at first. Then they learn that there ARE some things that they can do to help the situation!

Ways of Raising Testosterone Levels

Losing Weight
High fat levels lead to low T so if you’re struggling with Low Testosterone and you have a lot of extra body fat, the 1st thing you should consider is losing weight.

Joining a fitness program can help you get in shape as well. It seems to work great with occasional fasting. Fasting helps reduce age-related testosterone drops by boosting hormones that in turn increase testosterone production.

Consuming Zinc-Rich Foods
Zinc plays a pivotal role in the production of testosterone. It’s been shown that you can increase your testosterone levels within six months by eating foods and supplements that are rich in zinc. Foods rich in zinc include oysters, protein-rich foods and also raw milk products. You should also avoid over-cooking food as this reduces the zinc level in the food.

Increasing Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps our bodies make healthy sperm nucleus.  One of the most effective and best ways of increasing vitamin D levels, is basking in the sun! There are also supplements that work well too.

Increased Intake of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
Research suggests that BCAAs may lead to raising testosterone levels. Even though BCAAs are mostly available in supplement form, you can also boost BCAA levels by consuming foods rich in leucine.

Reduce Stress
Elevated stress levels leads to the release of the hormone cortisol. It’s know as the stress hormone, and it horrid for Testosterone levels because it blocks testosterone effects. Chronic stress can lead to prolonged effects on testosterone levels. This may cause you to have low testosterone levels. Make sure you keep your stress under control!

In Conclusion…

While these are some ways to help your body recover naturally, another popular route is using a well made natural testosterone booster. These testo boosting supplements promise higher testosterone levels within a short amount of time. Testing has shown that natural testosterone boosters work in harmony with your body and 20-50% of people using a testosterone boosting supplement report great improvement of their low testosterone symptoms. Most men prefer using these natural supplements because they’re cheap, easy to use and very effective. Our Site Sponsor asks that while you’re here, Take a look at Testo Gold!