D Aspartic AcidIf you have been keen to read the ingredients table of any testosterone booster, then you have certainly come across D-Aspartic acid. Its impressive benefits in weight building, fertility and athletic performance have made it a crucial component of a lot of supplements that are for the gym junkies.

But what exactly is it? How does it work in the body? Should you be concerned about its use and safety? Here is all you need to know about this ingredient that temporarily boosts testosterone and other hormones as well.

What is D-Aspartic Acid?

First of all, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is a form of Aspartic acid which is an amino acid. As you may already know, amino acids are central in building of proteins, hormones and neurotransmitters in the body. The other form of aspartic acid is the L-Aspartic Acid (LAA). The two forms have the same chemical formula and the only difference is their molecular structure where they are mirror images of each other. Whereas LAA plays a major role in

D Aspartic Acid

protein building, DAA is majorly involved in the synthesis and release of hormones.

When it comes to nutrition, D-Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid. What this means is that the body can synthesize it whenever it is needed without you having to take it in.

And now you may be wondering why supplement it if the body can normally synthesize it? It is simple, with aging or in some health conditions, the level of testosterone starts falling. A supplement containing DAA can help get the levels back up. For athletic performance, a higher level of testosterone gives you an edge and hence taking in DAA becomes important.

Effects of D-Aspartic Acid on Hormones

To understand the mechanism of action of DAA, there is need to focus on its effects on the hormone system. The ingredient majorly acts on hormones in your body to result in the desired effects. Extensive research shows that it acts on a number of hormones including testosterone, growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, Insulin-Like Growth Factor, Cortisol and Lutenizing Hormone.  A closer look at each of the hormones reveals just how potent the ingredient is.

  1. Testosterone

The focus of most manufacturers of testosterone boosters is the effect DAA has on the levels of testosterone. It has been shown to temporarily increase the levels of the hormone in the body boosting the athletic performance of users and restoring the sexual life of users. It raises testosterone levels through the following ways:

The first way is through the hypothalamus, pituitary, gonads pathway. It stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to release more Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) which in turn

D-Aspartic Acid

stimulates the pituitary in the brain to produce more Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Lutenizing Hormone (LH). The FSH and LH act on the testicles to produce more testosterone which is the defining hormone for manliness.

The second way is through the alleviation of a rate limiting step in the synthesis of testosterone. That allows for synthesis of more testosterone than the usual.

DAA also increases the secretion of testosterone from the leydig cells in the testicles here it I synthesized. The result is an elevated level of the hormone in the bo

dy which has many advantages for the user.

Studies show that DAA acts rapidly within 6 to 12 days resulting in a higher level of testosterone. Its effects persist for sometime after stoppage of the use of the supplement containing D-Aspartic Acid before going back to normal levels.

  1. Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor

Among the substances that have been proven to boost the level of the human Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor is the D-Aspartic Acid. It acts on the hypothalamus to increase the production of the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone which in turn stimulates the production of the Growth Hormone. The GH has several effects in the body that generally boost growth. It also stimulates the production of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor from the liver. For athletes and body builders, the two hormones will greatly boost their physique and performance. It also aids in the recovery of muscles.

  1. Thyroid Hormones

It is also key to note that DAA plays a role in the production of thyroid hormones and in the conversion of T4 to the more potent T3. The result is an increase in the metabolic rate that makes more energy available for athletic performance.

  1. Cortisol

Although the direct link between D-Aspartic Acid and cortisol has not been established, it indirectly results in a lower level of cortisol through increasing of the testosterone hormone and therefore results in less body fat. That means that if you’ve been struggling against weight and want to get back into shape, then including DAA in your intake will help you achieve it.

Uses of D-Aspartic Acid

Now that you understand how the ingredient works, its now time to look at its uses. It is majorly used by bodybuilders, athletes, those with infertility and a number of other problems.

  1. Bodybuilding

You may have seen some well-built bodybuilder and wondered just how the heck they got all that muscle? The secret is out, supplements containing DAA do the magic. The ingredient through boosting of testosterone, growth hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor makes body building easier and more bearable. The effects of these hormones results in:

  • Building of more lean muscle tissue which means the muscles grow bigger and you get back in shape
  • Increased exercise tolerance especially when doing resistance training
  • Speedy recovery of muscles after training which enables you to do more
  • More energy that allows you to workout more

It always becomes harder to do bodybuilding as the age increases. That is because of the steady decline of testosterone as one ages making it harder to build muscles and maintain that masculine shape. DAA does the magic of getting the testosterone back up which gives you the strength and abilities of the youth.

  1. Athletic Performance

Bodybuilders are not the only athletes that are going in for D-Aspartic Acid. Its temporary boosting of testosterone greatly boosts a user’s athletic performance. It does that through increasing exercise tolerance and making more energy available that gives a user a competitive edge. It literally makes it possible for an athlete to stretch their limits.

  1. Fertility

Perhaps the most common use boils down to dealing with infertility. As you age, you may realize that your performance in the bedroom is not as impressive as it used to be. Or even worse, you may have realized that tour fertility is questionable after several attempts. In most cases, it is due to the declining levels of testosterone with age. The ingredient combats these sexual problems through the boosting of the levels of testosterone. It results in:

  • Increased sperm count
  • Improved sperm motility
  • Better sperm quality
  • Improved vitality
  • More sexual appetite/libido

In a nutshell, it helps reclaim your sexual prowess and solve common infertility problems. Studies involving people with infertility problems revealed positive results within 3 months of use.

Safety and Side Effects

Now the big question arises, is it safe to use D-Aspartic Acid? With its effects on hormones, will it not cause hormonal imbalance? What are the expected side effects? Well, for a start, the ingredient is totally safe if taken in the right dosages. And by right dosages, what is implied is that 3g intake per day is enough. Although research has shown that it is safe up to 20g a day, you rather not risk such high doses.

There’re no major side effects. Minor side effects may include acne, hair growth or hair loss and mood disturbances. Most users never experience the side effects. In case they occur, you will need to discontinue the intake and seek medical advice.


Before wrapping I up, it’s good to also know what are the sources of D-Aspartic Acid. As aforementioned, it is found in both nature and in the human body. Dietary sources include several foods like:  soy protein, soy-based infant formula, casein, non-dairy creamer and corn protein.

For bodybuilders, other athletes and those struggling with infertility and low libido, the best option is getting the ingredient in supplements. The amount of the DAA is accurately calculated to enable you meet your needs without facing any adverse effects.


DAA thus stands out as both a unique and crucial element when it comes to athletic performance and fertility. It acts through testosterone, follicle stimulating hormone, lutenizing hormone, human Growth Hormone, Insulin-Like Growth Factor and cortisol naturally making it safe. To get your bodybuilding, athletic training or sexual life back on track, try effective supplements like