Tongkat Ali PlantWhether you want to reclaim back your youthful sexual power, treat infertility or take your athletic performance to the next level, boosting your testosterone is crucial. One of the powerful ingredients of Testosterone boosters is Tongkat Ali. It has for ages been used as a male enhancement herb and has now been accepted into modern medicine and supplements. But will it work for you? Is it safe to use?

After analysis of countless studies done and its use from time immemorial, we prepared this article to give you a full insight into the potent ingredient.

What’s Tongkat Ali?

Scientifically called Eurycoma longifolia, Tongkat Ali or Malaysian ginseng is a slender shrub that is medium sized and can grow up to 10metres in height. It is native to the south Asian region especially Malaysia. It is also native to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India to a lesser extent. Its root has been used in traditional medicine for ages as a male enhancement herb. The current uses include:

  • Alternative medicine as a male enhancement regimen
  • In supplements for boosting athletic performance and sexual health
  • In foods and drinks as an additive

Active Components

The root extract mainly contains glycoproteins which are:

  • Eurycomanol
  • Eurycomanone
  • Eurycomalactone

It also contains alkaloids.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  • Enhances muscle strength, energy, and stamina for great performance
  • Increases libido
  • Boosts erectile function
  • Improves fertility
  • Reduces body fat
  • Supports bone formation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves physical and mental energy
  • Can be used as a food additive in coffee and beverages which are called energy drinks

How it Works

As you can see, Tongkat Ali has quite a long list of benefits. However, a long list means nothing unless it has been scientifically proven. You will be relieved to know that all of the above benefits have been scientifically proven. Here is how it works:

  1. Tongkat Ali Boosts Testosterone Levels

The main mechanism of action is through the boosting of the testosterone levels in the body. After noticing how effective it had been as an aphrodisiac, scientists decided to find out how it acted. Many studies down the line, the findings are constant, the intake of the Malaysian ginseng results in an increase in testosterone levels. It is now known that it does the boosting in two ways:

  • Stimulation of increased production of testosterone from pregnenolone and the 17-hydroxypregnenolone
  • Inhibits the aromatase enzyme that is the catalyst for the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen

The end result of the two mechanisms is a significantly higher amount of testosterone in your body. The testosterone as you may already know is the hormone of masculinity. An increase in the level of testosterone makes the following benefits of Tongkat Ali possible:

Improvement of Athletic Performance

Perhaps one of the common uses of Tongkat Ali is as an ingredient of testosterone boosters meant for athletes. For you to take your performance to the next level, your workouts need to go beyond what you usually do. With the help of the T boosting effects of this ingredient, it becomes very possible. You are able to enjoy:

  • Increase in muscle strength, energy, and stamina due to boosted metabolism which lets you do more
  • An improvement in blood circulation that will clear lactic acid from your body as you go the extra mile
  • Reduces body fat while increasing your lean muscle tissue which gets you back into shape
  • Besides the physical energy, you also get the mental energy that allows you to focus
  • A decrease in stress levels and anxiety through its antagonist effects on cortisol (stress hormone)

Tongkat Ali Improves Fertility and Libido

Its use as a male enhancement component has persisted on from traditional medicine to modern medicine and supplements. Its potency earned it the name “Malaysia’s home-grown Viagra”. And in case that does not convince you then, you will be thrilled that FDA approved a patent in 2006 to be used for management of sexual health problems. That means it is no longer just confined to alternative medicine but can now be prescribed.

The elevation of testosterone levels by Eurycoma longifolia results in n the following benefits:

  • Enhances libido which will take your sexual desire to your youthful levels
  • Boosts erectile function that takes performance to the next level
  • Treats infertility by improving sperm quality in terms of motility and also cranks up the sperm count
  • A reduction in stress and anxiety is also a huge boost to sexual performance
  • An increase in sexual energy and mental energy that gifts you with focus on the moment

If the life in your bedroom is dimming and it has become more of sleeping than love-making, then you need to turn to Tongkat Ali and get your bedroom shining. Your partner will thank you. The cause of your issues may be simply because of your declining testosterone levels and once you get that sorted; it will be like going on honeymoon again but this time in your own house.

Low Testosterone Levels

As the years go by, your originally optimal testosterone levels start dropping. Unlike earlier known, it is no longer only confined to over 50years. Studies have shown that it starts as early as at 30years of age. Some of the symptoms include baldness, fatigue, depression, low libido, infertility and inability to focus. You will be pleased to know that by boosting T levels to normal healthy levels and even higher, Tongkat Ali can result in reversal of these symptoms.

  1. Healthier Bones

Research shows that using the Malaysian ginseng will boost your bone health. It aids in bone formation through the following ways:

  • Stimulates the growth of osteoblasts (bone cells) hence stronger healthier bones
  • Increases the action of ALP (Alkaline Phosphate) which is central to the development of your teeth and bones
  • Reduces osteoclasts which are cells that break down your bones hence reducing your bone loss and preventing osteoporosis
  • Supports the deposition and the mineralization of collagen in your body

When you are pushing yourself harder everyday to improve your performance, you will need strong healthy bones. What you need are bones that don’t fracture under pressure. Tongkat Ali will not only improve your performance in athletic endeavors but also strengthen your bones to match the demand.

Sources and Supplementation

Although the herb is still used directly in traditional medicine, the safest way to use it is through the use of supplements. The advantage with supplements is that the dosages are calculated which ensures you don’t overdose. There is also the FDA approval that filters out the supplements that do not meet the standards. However, be cautious to avoid being scammed online.

Safety and Side Effects

Being natural and acting to boost your testosterone levels naturally, this ingredient is highly safe. It can safely get you results.

However, there are concerns over supplements that are contaminated. Some have been pulled from the market due to their mercury concentration while some had drugs like acetildenafil in them. You, therefore, need to obtain your supplements from trustworthy suppliers.

There are only a couple of side effects that you may experience like insomnia, restlessness or anxiety. In case you notice any of the above, stop taking the supplement and see your doctor.


Tongkat Ali’s testosterone boosting properties and other health benefits are the reasons behind its success both in traditional medicine and in modern medicine. It can help you raise your athletic performance or get back your youthful sexual prowess. It also improves your bone health besides its many other benefits for your body. You can get it in supplements today to get started on ripping its benefits.

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