Tribulus terrestris picture of plant testosterone booster ingredientAlthough Tribulus terrestris is well known for its libido and sexual performance boosting effects, the question of whether it boosts testosterone has remained unsettled. And with that, its effect on athletic performance and fertility remains an issue of great debate. So does it really boost testosterone? Does supplementing with the ingredient work?

We set out to answer these questions by assessing the studies that have been done on this Tribulus terrestris and its effects. Here’s what we found to help you be in the know.

What is Tribulus terrestris?

The ingredient is an extract from a Mediterranean plant that produces fruits.Tribulus terrestris plant It is native to Ayurveda and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for male virility and vitality. It’s also called Puncture vine probably due to the spines on the plant and its fruits.

Tribulus terrestris roots and the fruits are the parts that are used. The roots are for male virility while the fruits are for general vitality. The leaves are also used in alternative medicine.

Currently, Tribulus terrestris is used in supplements for boosting libido and sexual performance. It has also been said to boost testosterone and therefore improves athletic performance.

Active Components

As a norm, before looking at what a compound does and how it does it, we look at the active components. This ingredient contains:

  • Protodiosin- main bioactive component
  • Pseudoprotodioscin
  • Dioscin and diosgenin
  • Saponins

There are also other minor components. Studies on samples of supplements on the market today show variations in these components from one supplement maker to another.

Uses of Tribulus terrestris

  • Boosting libido
  • Improving sexual energy
  • Enhancing erectile function
  • Cardiac health
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing athletic performance

Sexual Performance

The extract has shown constant success when it comes to sexual performance. Whether it is in Ayurvedic medicine or modern medicine, this Puncture vine is almost magical when it comes to male enhancement. It has a proven record especially for boosting virility and vitality.

However, as opposed to how the other ingredients boost sexual performance by elevating Testosterone levels; the Tribulus terrestris does that independent of testosterone. Studies are still being undertaken to establish how exactly it manages to do that without altering testosterone levels in individuals with normal T levels.

Individuals with low testosterone, however, have experienced some slight enhancement in the levels of T which therefore puts his ingredient in the category of testosterone boosters.

1. Libido-boosting

It’s done by the enhancement of the androgen receptor density in the brain that increases the androgens ability to enhance libido. That means that even with normal levels of androgens, the effects are more profound and hence libido is boosted. Studies that have been done show an increase in sexual desire and frequency of sex in the test subjects besides their overall sexual wellbeing.

2. Increase in Sexual Energy

This ingredient is a potent enhancer of vitality. It has been proven to transform users’ sex lives within no time. When you begin to use supplements containing this ingredient, you start experiencing an elevation in sexual energy. It literally breathes life into your sex life. You begin performing like you did when you were way younger and stronger. Your youthful prowess simply floods back into your life.

3. Erectile Function Enhancement

A very important benefit of using the ingredient is an increase in the rigidity of your erections. Your erections are thus harder and last longer. You can imagine how much that does to your sexual performance. And most importantly, you enjoy these benefits in a natural way as opposed to those who have to pop pills just around that time they need to perform in bed.

It also delays ejaculation which helps you get your partner to the climax. Together with improving orgasms, this extract is probably the best male enhancer you may ever come across.

4. A decrease in Stress and Anxiety

One of the enemies of great sexual performance is high-stress levels of anxiety. However healthy you are, being stressed will always make you underperform. Luckily, the Puncturevine decreases those stress levels and inhibits anxiety. That lets you be just in the right mood for some good time in bed.

5. Fertility

The Puncture vine extract has minimal effects on the fertility of users. If the existing research is anything to go by, then this ingredient has no effect on fertility. It means that you can only rely on it for sexual performance but not a boost to sperm quality and quantity. It is probably due to the fact that it does not boost testosterone levels.

Athletic Performance

For some time now, it has been hypothesized that Tribulus terrestris enhances athletic performance by increasing testosterone levels. It is said that it boosts testosterone production by increasing luteinizing hormone in your body which then stimulates T production from the testes.

However, there is insufficient evidence to back the boosting of testosterone. Studies that have been done have shown no changes to the T levels. Every study outcome has shown that there is no improvement in athletic performance of users of the ingredient.

According to the existing data from studies:

  • There’s no increase in power output
  • Doesn’t cause an increase in muscle strength and energy
  • Shows no increase in lean muscle tissue
  • No decrease in body fat

However, studies on men with low T levels show some promising results as there’re some improvements. More studies need to be done to provide sufficient evidence for this action.

Cardiac Health

Tribulus terrestris has been shown to boost the health of the heart. Studies do show that it is:

  • Cardioprotective as it protects the heart from oxidative damage courtesy of its antioxidant properties
  • It lessens angina
  • Lowers the blood pressure especially in hypertensive individuals

The end result is a healthier heart. Whether you are an athlete pushing yourself beyond the limits or seeking to reclaim your sex-life, a healthy heart is crucial. It allows you to get to your peak performance without worrying about your heart.

How to Take it and Recommended Dosages

The dosing does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer due to the varying composition of the extract. Nevertheless, a daily dosage of between 200-450mg is adequate to get you results.

Although you can use the basic root powder or eat the fruit, the dosages are much higher than what you need. The basic root powder contains 5-6g while the fruit has 2-3g which is way higher than your recommended dosage.

In case you have to ingest the ingredient in food like eating the fruit, you need to be cautious to avoid overdosing.

Safety and Side Effects

The ingredient is highly safe if you do take it for a short time. Prolonged intake and high doses are dangerous and may result in serious problems.

Notable side effects include having trouble sleeping and irregular menses. When you notice these side effects, please do stop taking the supplement and seek medical advice from your doctor. There are no other reported side effects. However, if you do notice a detrimental change in your body as you use the supplement, do follow the same protocol.

The supplement is contraindicated if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It does cause problems for the developing fetus.

When it comes to supplements, FDA classifies them as foods rather than as medications and therefore their safety and effectiveness are not mandatory before the manufacturer is allowed to sell on the market. You, therefore, need to be careful to avoid ending up with unsafe or ineffective supplements.


On the question of whether it boosts testosterone or not, there is not really an answer.  There isn’t enough evidence to support its T boosting properties. However, it is a potent enhancer of libido and sexual performance. Both in Ayurvedic medicine and in modern medicine, it remains highly successful. You can enjoy its male enhancement benefits by using supplements available on the market today.

You will need to be cautious to avoid the countless number of scammers online today purporting to be selling the Tribulus terrestris. In case you want a supplement that boosts your testosterone, you can try our featured product: Testo Gold.

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