photo of pill bottle supplements capsules vitamin D3 supplement Whether you are suffering from low testosterone or want to boost the levels for a better athletic performance, Vitamin D3 has been shown to be highly effective. This vitamin is popularly called the sunshine vitamin because it is obtained from exposure to the sun. It plays many other essential functions in the body which make it a really outstanding vitamin. Here is how it does it and why it is an important ingredient in your supplement.

It is more than just a vitamin, in the body it works like a hormone exerting desirable impacts on hormonal secretion, growth, fertility and sexual function.

What’s Vitamin D3?

But first, what exactly is vitamin D3?

It is one of the vitamins in the Vitamin D group which are fat-soluble secosteroidVitamin D picture of sun the sunshine vitamins. The others include Vitamins D1, D2, D4, and D5. Vitamin D2 and D3 are the most common in this group. Scientifically, vitamin D2 is referred to as cholecalciferol and therefore when you see that name, it means the same thing.

It is synthesized from cholesterol through a reaction that requires exposure to sunlight. The reaction occurs in the skin and results in cholecalciferol. In the liver, it goes through a reaction called hydroxylation to form 25-hydroxycalciferol which is also called 25-hydroxyvitamin D. The next step is conversion into calcitriol in the kidneys which circulates as a hormone in the blood.

Benefits of Vitamin D3

  • Improves fertility
  • Improves muscle strength and exercise tolerance
  • Stronger healthier bones
  • Prevents diseases

As you may already know, we never just mention anything without concrete scientific backing. Here’s how exactly it gets the above done and why you need to also rip those benefits.

How it Works

Testosterone Boosting

For years, studies have been showing the correlation between the level of Vitamin D3 and that of Testosterone in the body. In the findings, low levels of vitamin D3 were accompanied by low levels of testosterone. Supplementing people who had low T with vitamin D3 resulted in a significant increase in their T levels. Therefore, vitamin D3 increases the testosterone hormone level.

The exact mechanism it causes the increase is by inhibiting the aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. Now, estrogen is a feminine hormone while testosterone is a masculine hormone. Low levels of vitamin D3 cause an increase in the activity of the aromatase enzyme that results in the production of estrogen from testosterone at a higher rate. The symptoms of the resultant low Testosterone level include:

  • Reduced energy
  • Diminishing muscle size
  • A decline in libido and the sexual function
  • Depression
  • Increase in body weight as body fat accumulates

So if you are struggling with the symptoms of Low T, supplementing with Vitamin D3 will get your T levels back up bringing out the masculine you within no time. The sunshine vitamin efficiency at making this possible has been proven over and over in countless scientific studies.

The testosterone boosting effects of Vitamin D3 are harnessed through the following uses:

  1. Athletic Performance

Among the common beneficiaries of the testosterone enhancing power of the vitamin D3 are athletes who need a competitive advantage. What’s interesting about Vitamin D3 supplementation is that unlike other T boosting ingredients that may have little or no effect on normal T levels, it does show a significant increase. It means that you can crank up your T levels to reach your peak athletic performance using the vitamin.


The increased testosterone levels result in

  • More energy for your training routines which transforms your performance
  • An increase in your lean muscle tissue which is key if you are a bodybuilder
  • Enhancement of your muscle strength
  • Faster recovery of your muscles
  • Better mental clarity and focus which are crucial for peak performance

You can therefore confidently rely on this sunshine vitamin to help you reach your dream. Now that it’s all natural and present in the human body, don’t worry about any tests raising red flags.

  1. Treating Low Testosterone Levels

If you have noticed any of the symptoms we mentioned earlier, then you probably are suffering from low testosterone. This could be due to aging as you get over 50years or any medical condition that affects the production. You’ll need to see your doctor to do blood tests to confirm that before discussing the possible ways of dealing with it. One of the efficient ways is by use of testosterone boosters that contain vitamin D3.

If you are losing your shape due to accumulating body fat, dealing with the T levels using the vitamin will help you get that masculine look back. That is the reason behind the use of the vitamin D3 in weight loss programs.

  1. Fertility and Libido

The other use of the vitamin D3 is in the boosting of fertility and sexual desire.

Studies done in infertile men showed positive results within 3months if supplementation. These results were especially marked for those men who had low testosterone as the underlying factor. The boosting effects of the vitamin on testosterone results in the following:

  • An increase in the sperm count
  • An improvement in the quality of the sperm like its motility

Vitamin D3 has also been shown to independently play role in the formation of the nucleus of the sperm cell. Consequently, having healthy levels of the vitamin will help you make functional sperms. The overall outcome is an increase in your fertility.

The other use is in the boosting of libido. Research shows that having enough Vitamin D3 is essential when it comes to your bedroom performance. By enhancing your testosterone levels, your sexual desire increases. You also get an increase in sexual energy to help you last longer.

For women, it has been shown to bring back the hormonal balance which helps bring out the sexual goddess in them. If your bedroom fire has been burning low lately or is even burnt out, you probably need to get more vitamin D3 and get that wildfire from your youthful years back.


Given that boosting T levels gets you looking more masculine, your attractiveness increases and you know what that means for your partner.

Bone Health

Actually, the main function of Vitamin D3 is in the formation of stronger, healthier bones. As you already know, children have to be exposed to the sun regularly to prevent rickets. The rest of us are also advised to get some sun exposure for our bone health even as adults. Supplementation is prescribed for those who don’t get enough sun exposure. The reason for these efforts is the critical role the vitamin plays in bone health.

Vitamin D3 controls the absorption of calcium and its level in blood. Calcium is the mineral element that makes up the bones. A healthy vitamin D3 level results in strong healthy bones as there is adequate calcium in bones. Inadequate Vitamin D3 results in weak brittle bones that are prone to fractures. The conditions are called osteoporosis and osteomalacia. As you age, your vitamin D3 levels fall and so does your calcium level in bones making your bones weak.

If you are wondering why this function is crucial for you, here is what it means. As an athlete, you exert more force on your bones than the rest of the people. A healthy level of vitamin D3 will help you have bones that are strong enough to withstand the forces. However, if they are low, then you may fund your bones breaking which is detrimental to your career. That’s why you need an adequate intake of the vitamin besides sunlight.


Adequate exposure to the morning sun or evening sun is sufficient to keep your levels within the healthy ranges. And by sunlight exposure, it is the direct sunlight, not the one through a window. The time needed varies depending on the amount of melanin. Most noteworthy is that a maximum of 30minutes is adequate for any person’s vitamin D3 needs.

One problem, however, is the risk of skin cancer that is associated with exposure to too much sunlight. The sun between 10 AM and 3 PM has been said to be unsafe. That’s why most people prefer to take in supplements.

Groups of people with a high demand for vitamin D3 include:vitamin d3 supplement picture of vitamin d green capsule

  • Elderly
  • Athletes
  • Children with rickets
  • Those with vitamin D3 deficiency
  • Those with problems in sexual health
  • People in areas with inadequate sunlight

The above need supplementation. Daily intake of about 1000IU is adequate for your needs. You can go for supplements that are purely vitamin D3 or those that contain it as part of the ingredients.

Safety and Side Effects

The sunlight vitamin is highly safe, however, it’s a fat-soluble vitamin that’s not easily eliminated. Therefore, taking in too much will result in toxicity. The toxicity results in a condition called hypercalcemia whose signs and symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Bone pain
  • A headache
  • Constipation
  • Ataxia
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Anorexia
  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue

You, therefore, need to keep your intake below 5000IU. A peak dose that has shown the best and safest results is 3332IU.

The side effects of vitamin D3 include headaches, vomiting, dry mouth, weakness, loss of appetite and metallic taste. You, therefore, need to see a doctor to establish if its toxicity or just side effects.


It can never be stressed enough how important vitamin D3 is for your body. If you need more of it then sunlight exposure will not be enough, you will have to supplement. Whether it is treating low testosterone, infertility, infections or want to give a boost to your bone health or athletic performance, then supplementing will help. You can get it in our featured product: