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Ageless Male calls itself a testosterone booster and it also places itself in the male enhancement supplement category as well. That’s a lot of claims for a supplement that has only 4 ingredients. We researched loads of reviews to get an idea as to what people who took this product had to say. Lots of the reviews we found for Ageless Male were pretty negative. It’s got very low ratings on Amazon and other sites as well. There seems to be a lot of disappointed buyers out there compared to other testosterone boosters. Let dig deeper and see if all the hype we’re hearing stands up to scrutiny.

Ageless Male
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With such an underdosed product, Ageless Male really doesn’t deserve all the hype it has floating around itself. Honestly, you’re much better off with a product that actually contains a diverse and potent formula, instead of this weak blend. Try our Featured Product Testo Gold, to see exactly what we’re talking about!

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Claimed Benefits of Ageless Male

  • Improve sex drive & performance
  • Boost testosterone production
  • Promote lean muscle growth
  • Increase your energy levels

What’s the Goal of Ageless Male?

Ageless Male trys to bill itself as a male enhancement AND a testosterone boosting supplement all in one. Low T is the most common reason men seek a testo booster because as men age, their testosterone levels start dropping and keep dropping throughout manhood. It effects libido, hair growth and a whole host of other things. Ageless Male claims to be able to boost testosterone levels back up while also playing a role in male enhancement, all WITHOUT causing side effects, and prescription isn’t necessary. That’s A LOT of boasting. Let’s see if the people using it claim it works.

Like most testosterone supplements, Ageless Male combines testosterone-boosting ingredients that have been shown to help stimulate testosterone production . Let’s check the ingredients that make up Ageless Male and see if it has what it takes to provide other benefits for both male enhancement, and sexual performance.

Ageless Male Ingredients | What Makes It Tick?

Ageless male ingredients

First of all the numbers of ingredients that Ageless Male’s formula uses is shockingly sparse. Only 4, (that’s right FOUR) ingredients. To give you an idea of how lousy that is, the higher end testosterone boosters we review usually have between 8-13 ingredients. The ingredients are Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Zinc and Astaxantin. Fenugreek and zinc are ingredients we’ve noticed are included in several effective testosterone boosters, and with good reason. So why didn’t we rate this product well or place it higher in the rankings as a top testosterone booster? There are two very simple reasons. First it doesn’t contain enough testosterone boosting or make enhancement ingredients. Second of all there are only 300 mg of Fenugreek, and in our opinion that’s a sparse serving. Bottom line is Ageless Male is weak, very weak.

Ageless Male Side Effects

With this low of a dosage we think that it would be hard to get any effect, let a lone a side effect! All kidding aside, we didn’t find any serious side effects reported on Ageless Male. As a side note, none of the reviews we read actually made any claim about side effects either way (positive or negative). Based on of the formula, don’t exceed the recommended dosages and you should be fine.

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Amazon with 3.1 stars
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How Much Does Ageless Male Cost?

$38.95 on amazon

Our Conclusion

Ageless Male is definitely on the lower end of the scale that we have researched. There are scores of other testosterone boosters we would recommend first. Although this supplement is cheap, you should do yourself a favor and pay a bit more for a testo supplement that is going to be more effective.  our Featured Product Testo Gold is what we recommend to those suffering from low testosterone, and looking to correct some of the issues that are associated with Low T such as poor performance and weak libido.

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