Alpha F1 Review

Alpha F1 is a testosterone boosting supplement we think is worthy of warning you about. Every guy seems to be on the hunt for a good Testo Booster! Let’s say it now that we think Alpha F1 is absolutely not the best for a whole lot of reasons. It’s cost almost $100 per bottle after the infamous “14 day Free Trial” so don’t get ripped off! You can read this Alpha F1 review to learn why it isn’t worth wasting your time and money on. 

The Claimed Benefits of Alpha F1

  • Can help increase muscle mass
  • Sex drive may be improved
  • The B Vitamins may increase energy levels 

How Does Alpha F1 Work?

Alpha F1 is said to help your body increase its testosterone levels with the all natural ingredients it has. If Low T is your problem, increasing testosterone is really what we’re looking for. Testosterone is the male hormone behind a lot of things including muscle growth and sex drive. There are a lot of great testosterone boosters out there, but we truly don’t believe that this is one of those supplements. See our sponsored product Testo Gold for what we feel is a WAY better options.

Alpha F1 Ingredients – What Makes It Tick? 

Alpha F1 Ingredients

The Pros

  • Contains a potential estrogen blocker
  • Includes Zinc

The Cons

  • Only contains 4 ingredients (standard is 6-10)
  • Overall potency is EXTREMELY low compared to what we have found to be standard. Theoverall potency is less than 200 MG per serving, whereas the higher ranked supplements tend to contain between 2,000-3,000 MG per serving! 

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WARNINGS and low ratings everywhere

How Much Does Super Male Vitality Cost?

$94.95! They get $5 on a free trial, then wack your credit card for $90 more dollars!
Then they are nice enough to keep billing you on your SUBSCRIPTION!

Our Final Conclusion 

Now you can see why we don’t like Alpha F1. We HATE the free trial thing! We don’t think it has enough ingredients. It also certainly has a very low potency to be a good testosterone booster. Our recommendation is to move along to our sponsor….


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