Alpha Force TestoLow testosterone (a.k.a. Low T) is a problem that just about every man has to deal with eventually. It is a simpe but unfortunate fact that as we age, our testosterone levels tend to decline over time. But we don’t just have to accept this, anymore. These days, there are any number of testosterone boosters available that claim that they can slow the march of time, so any man can stay in his prime for decades longer. However, not all testosterone boosters are created equal, and there are, as mentioned, a crazy amount of them, at this point. So we’re here to help appraise the many products out there, using hard evidence and user experiences to show which testosterone boosters are most worth your time and money. Alpha Force Testo, sadly, is not one of those worthy supplements. But its failure is highly specific. More on that below, but just know that it goes to show that when investigating the quality of any testosterone booster, it is the details that matter.

Alpha Force Testo
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    Overall - 3.2/10


Alpha Force Testo, despite impressive ingredient selection and diversity, ruins what could have been a great formula by underdosing almost every ingredient by a factor of 5 or more. If this product had appropriate doses, they could have a real winner on their hands. For a testosterone booster with similar ingredients, but massively more effective doses, check out our Featured Product Testo Gold!!

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The Claimed Benefits of Alpha Force Testo

  • Recharges energy and stamina
  • Restores vitality and endurance
  • Combats feelings of lethargy
  • Stalls loss of muscle mass
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • Pumps up your workouts
  • Hastens recovery times
  • Naturally increases testosterone production
  • No side effects

What’s the Goal of Alpha Force Testo?

The short answer? Alpha Force Testo does not work. But it doesn’t work for a very specific reason: dosage. The entire formula is so vastly underdosed that it simply can’t have any noteworthy effect. Which is realy unfortunate, because it has everything a natural testosterone booster needs. Solid ingredients for increasing testosterone production, inhibiting the aromatase enzyme (which converts testosterone into estrogen), and even some solid choices for overall wellness and support ingredients. The only other things that Alpha Force Testo is really missing are certain ancillary synergy ingredients (which are super-useful, and underrepresented among testosterone boosters). But at this potency, it’d take half a bottle’s worth of Alpha Force Testo just to reach effective doses on most of the ingredients. Not that you should do that. Partially because it is just a bad idea to exceed recommended serving sizes like that, but also because it’d be so unreasonably expensive.

Alpha Force Testo Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Alpha Force Testo IngredientsAs we’ve already mentioned, the ingredient selection here is on-point. With solid research behind components covering all major aspects of testosterone boosting, and a highly diverse formula, you’d think Alpha Force Testo would be a great testosterone booster. Until you look at the doses, anyway. At that point, it becomes pretty obvious that the doses are nowhere near what they’d need to be to have any significant effect. Unfortunate, but Alpha Force Testo wastes all of its potential with this one fact.

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Extremely low ratings around the web, averaging at roughly 2.2 stars.

How Much Does Alpha Force Testo Cost?

$59.97 on; This price would be ok, if everything were dosed appropriately. But given how under-dosed Alpha Force Testo is, this is just highway robbery.

The Pros

  • Great ingredient selection
  • Highly diverse formula
  • Research on formula and synergies checks out

The Cons

  • Underdosed by a very wide margin
  • Proprietary blend on the non-vitamin ingredients
  • Price is absolutely ridiculous for how little you get

Our Conclusion

Alpha Force Testo is among the most disappointing testosterone boosters we have seen in quite some time. Their formula has a lot of potential, with excellent ingredient selection and internal synergies. It provides a wide range of research-backed testosterone boosters, balanced with a healthy selection of vitamins and minerals, with just a dash of support chemicals. Exactly the kinds of ratios we like to see. And then they ruin the entire thing by underdosing the whole formula by a mile. For most of their ingredients (everything but Vitamin B6), you’d need anywhere from 5 to 10 times as high of a dose to have noteworthy effects. What a let-down. That said, if you like the idea of their formula, but actually want your testosterone boosters dosed high enough to make a difference, we suggest you take a look at our Featured Product, Testo Gold. All of the best ingredients found in Alpha Force Testo can be found there, too, but with a few extra synergies, and in much more potent doses!


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