Alpha King ReviewAlpha King may call itself royalty, but given that it comes from the Force Factor brand, we’d like a closer look before we’re ready to let them claim the throne. As a Force Factor product, Alpha King bears the burden of that company’s past, a past that includes some questionable business practices and outright scam artistry. And while they no longer seem to operate through those methods, it takes a lot to redeem a reputation that has been so tarnished. But we’re not here to indict them for their past deeds. In this Alpha King review, what we want to see is what Alpha King says about how Force Factor operates going forward.

Alpha King
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While it is a big step upwards for manufacturer Force Factor, Alpha King remains a top-dollar, bottom-rung testosterone booster. It just can’t compete with high-value, low-cost alternatives like our
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The Claimed Benefits of Alpha King

  • Heightens sexual appetite
  • Grants more energy
  • Improves physical performance
  • Amplifies passion and virility
  • Boosts free testosterone

What’s the Goal of Alpha King?

Well, what Alpha King is trying to do is no different than any other natural testosterone booster: raise your testosterone levels. This has all kinds of benefits, particularly for men over the age of 40. As men start to age, their testosterone levels begin to fall, causing their sexual appetite and prowess to diminish, reducing their strength and endurance, and causing them to have less drive and energy. When this reaches significant levels, the condition is know as Low T (short for Low Testosterone). Alpha King, and other testosterone boosters seek to offset this decline by supplementing your body’s testosterone production process. This can take the form of vitamins and minerals used to manufacture testosterone, inhibitors to the processes that reduce testosterone levels or negate its function, and various other ingredients designed to amplify the effects of your testosterone.

Alpha King Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Alpha King IngredientsHere, Alpha King makes one massive improvement over the rest of Force Factor’s line: it does not use a proprietary blend. This is a very transparent move, and we really like seeing this kind of honesty from this company. However, the formula itself is of only middling quality, at best. The doses are not horrible, and the ingredients, while few in number, are not outright fraudulent. But it is certainly not anything to be impressed by, and falls cleanly into the lower tiers of quality. A step up from Force Factor’s past, but a far cry from a quality testosterone booster.

Chat Around the Web

3.2 stars on, similar ratings elsewhere around the web.
With this kind of customer feedback, it seems that our appraisal of Alpha King’s formula holds up: it is a mediocre testosterone booster, but it doesn’t seem like a scam.

How Much Does Alpha King Cost?

$69.99 from or their official website.
Ouch! That price tag is a premium price, and Alpha King is not a premium product. There are very few testosterone boosters that are worth that kind of coin, and this is definitely not one of them. Pass!

The Pros

  • No proprietary blend
  • Huge improvements over other products from this manufacturer

The Cons

  • High price
  • Low potency
  • Sub-par customer feedback

Our Conclusion

Alpha King might represent a huge leap forward for Force Factor, but that still only puts them in the lower ranks of legitimate testosterone boosters. Nothing about this product stands out as impressive, except for how overpriced it is. You could get a whole lot more testosterone boosting power for a lot less money with something like our

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