Andro400 MaxAndro400 Max has a very sparse formula. It is a slight variation from the manufacturer’s baseline product, Andro400. It sticks to the same basic concept (Eurycoma Longifolia as a sole testosterone booster), but increases the dose significantly, and adds two amino acids known to improve circulation and other cardiovascular functions. Still, while Andro400 Max’s formula is technically more diverse than Andro400’s, it is still essentially relying solely on Tongkat Ali (the E. Longifolia extract that both use) for all of its testosterone benefits. So the question remains: is this a viable way to boost testosterone?

Andro400 Max
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While Eurycoma Longifolia might be a great ingredient, it is just that, a single ingredient. No matter how good it might be, it just can’t serve the role of a full testosterone booster, and therefore neither can Andro400 Max. You’re better of with a fleshed-out, diverse formula, like the one in our Featured Product Testo Gold!

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The Claimed Benefits of Andro400 Max

  • Boost testosterone safely and naturally
  • Melt Belly Fat
  • Gain Energy
  • Increase Sex Drive

What’s the Goal of Andro400 Max?

Andro400 Max is claiming to be testosterone booster, but it isn’t like most testosterone boosters, and it does not stand out in a positive way. See, low testosterone (a.k.a. Low T) is a complex, multi-faceted issue. Andro tries to counter this with a simple and blunt one-ingredient response. Unfortunately, even with an effective ingredient like Tongkat Ali, no single ingredient does everything, and without proper support, it will fail. But, hey, it could at least be useful in a stack with some compatible ingredients. But that’s slim comfort for users not looking to take an entire meal made of pills.

Andro400 Max Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Andro400 Max IngredientsAndro400 Max is a bit of an upgrade over Andro400, chiefly in terms of potency. The amino acids could, at best, improve uptake by improving bloodflow. That said, the cost-per-milligram of Tongkat Ali is actually better in Andro400 Max. This is because while the cost does go up somewhat, the dose increases by a much greater margin. So there really is no reason to opt for Andro400. That said, Andro400 Max is still less than ideal in terms of formula. The lack of any testosterone boosting ingredients other than Tongkat Ali keeps Andro400 Max from having consistent and reliable results when taken alone.

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User reviews on Andro400 Max are few and far between, but from what we were able to find, most ratings placed them around 3.2 stars.

How Much Does Andro400 Max Cost?

$39.99 from their official website. They also have an auto-ship program, but we’re glad to say that this is one of the few that does not look like a scam. One-time purchase options are plentiful, with discounts for bulk purchases, the auto-ship option is clearly explained, and no “free trials” or hidden clauses are involved at all.

The Pros

  • Eurycoma Longifolia is a solid ingredient
  • Price can be decent, if purchased in bulk
  • Incorporates well into existing stacks

The Cons

  • Eurycoma Longifolia is (effectively) the only ingredient
  • Price for individual bottles can be very high
  • Lacks any synergy or support ingredients

Our Conclusion

All in all, while Andro400 Max might be a decent way to add Eurycoma Longifolia to your personal stack, but it is not very effective as a standalone testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali isn’t even a particularly rare ingredient either. In fact, our Featured Product, Testo Gold, includes Tongkat Ali, alongside an actual blend of 12 other ingredients that support each other. We feel this produces far better results than a single ingredient could ever hope to.

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