Animal Stak Review

Animal Stak ReviewIt is no secret that low testosterone (Low T) can mess with many aspects of a man’s life, from his sex drive to his focus, to his physique. And all men start to lose some of their testosterone as they age. The obvious response to this is a testosterone booster. Technically, what we call “testosterone boosters” don’t actually contain any testosterone. Nor should they; it wouldn’t do you any good if they did. Instead, testosterone boosters contain a wide variety of herbs, extracts, vitamins, and other compounds that prompt your body to make more testosterone of its own, while also helping to offset the effects of low testosterone. With each testosterone booster providing a different set of ingredients, many men choose to take several that have synergistic effects, or whose ingredients and mechanisms are very different from one another. This collection of supplements is called a “stack”, in testosterone boosting slang. Animal Stak is named as it is because Universal Nutrition (Animal Stak‘s manufacturer) aims to provide an entire stack worth of supplements in a single package, with a hugely complex and layered formula. Read through our Animal Stak review for an in-depth analysis on it’s claimed benefits, ingredients, pros, cons, and everything leading up to whether this testosterone boosting supplement is a good choice or not.

Claimed Benefits of Animal Stak

  • Reduce estrogen and cortisol levels
  • Maximize gains from exercise
  • Accelerate post-exercise recovery
  • Improve endocrine health

How Does Animal Stak Work?

The same way as any testosterone booster: it boosts your testosterone! But seriously, Animal Stak covers a lot of bases, and this is both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. It contains numerous synergistic ingredients, like Bioperine, which helps your body make more efficient use of any supplement’s ingredients, or Ashwagandha, which supports almost every aspect of proper body-functioning.

But in trying to cover so much, it runs the risk of spreading itself too thin, and due to their proprietary blend, it is impossible to tell if they’ve actually dosed each of their numerous ingredients to an effective level. For all we know, each blend could be almost entirely made of the cheapest ingredients featured, there just isn’t a proper way to tell what is going on under the hood when the company refuses to reveal exactly what they are selling.

Animal Stak Review of Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Animal Stak Ingredients

What a whopper! At almost 30 ingredients, Animal Stak is one of the most complex formulas on the testosterone boosting market, today. Sadly, quantity is not a guarantee of quality, and their list is definitely a mixed bag. It features some ingredients we see as essential to a good testosterone booster, a few clever innovations of their own, but also others that scientific studies have shown to be somewhat questionable, at least for the purposes Animal Stak claims to use them for. That said, with so many ingredients, the “Stak” part of the name is spot-on. At a massive 8 pills per dose, you could build an entire stack of more targeted testosterone supplements, with room to spare. But, I suppose that’s the idea, isn’t it?

The real issue for us comes with disclosure. Nearly 4,300 milligrams of that roughly 4,800 milligram dose is labelled under their “proprietary blends”. We think that proprietary blends are one of the worst elements of the testosterone booster industry. They leave the quality of the product up for debate, and create a sense of distrust between company and customer. Especially when you’ve got so many ingredients involved, in such a humongous testosterone booster package, you really want to know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting. Instead, their proprietary nature leaves you with 8 pills of pure mystery. Disappointing, and way too common in the world of testosterone boosters.







Chat Around the Web

Here, Animal Stak regains some of their lost credit, with the Animal Stak review average at 4.1 stars in almost 300 user-reviews on Amazon, and similar ratings elsewhere, they seem to have a package that produces results for a decent number of their users. When it comes to testosterone boosters, results are what matters most. But we really dislike any label which includes a bunch of empty spaces where dosage numbers should be.

How Much Does Animal Stak Cost?

$34.95 on

The Pros

  • Insane formula diversity; 29 ingredients is massive
  • Average Animal Stak review resulting in a respectable user-satisfaction; not a lot of low ratings
  • Good price for the overall dose (though ingredient doses, which you really want, are not disclosed)

The Cons

  • Proprietary blend; keeps you from truly optimizing your choice of testo booster
  • 8 pills is a lot; especially if there is anything you like in your stack that Animal Stak excludes
  • Hit-and-miss ingredient selection; Some real gems, but also some known duds

Animal Stak Review: Our Conclusion

Animal Stak is definitely a respectable testosterone booster with plenty to offer, especially if you’re looking for a lower-cost, pre-built stack. We really wish they’d ditch that proprietary blend, though. There just isn’t any reason for a reputable company to hide things from their users like that. If you like Animal Stak‘s broad formula and synergistic ingredients, but prefer a fully-disclosed formula on your testosterone booster, check out our

Testo Gold