Genius TestAs men start to age, their testosterone levels slowly begin to decline with time. Nobody likes it, but it is a sad fact of life. However, with the power of modern science, we’ve been able to reverse-engineer the processes that lead to low testosterone (Low T), and we’ve found some clever ways to resist the march of time. Genius Test presents itself as being part of that advanced group of testosterone boosters that tuly push the envelope of what is possible. And, truth be told, they do quite a bit to live up to that hype.

Genius Test uses some of the most promising ingredients, in a fully disclosed formula, designed to tackle low testosterone with the most advanced methods science has offered us. And they’ve done so while producing unbelievable user satisfaction levels. These guys are pioneers, and they’re willing to try new things, always tinkering to find the new best blend. Of course, this comes with trade-offs. They’re quick to abandon old mainstays, and some of their ingredients have yet to go through the years of testing that have formed the reputations of the leading components in major testosterone boosters.

Genius Test Testosterone Booster
  • 8.8/10
    Genius Test - 8.8/10


An honest, no-nonsense product, made by a company with a passion for pushing the limits of science. They’re frank and earnest in a way that too few brands are today, while outputting one of the top products on the market. Genius Test Definitely earns our recommendation. Another great product you should look over is Testo Gold

The Claimed Benefits of Genius Test

  • Enhance overall wellness
  • Increase energy levels
  • Renew youthful vigor
  • Achieve mental clarity
  • Improve strength and stamina
  • Reduce fat-to-muscle ratio
  • Speed muscular recovery

How Does Genius Test Work?

Genius Test does not call itself a “testosterone booster”. It calls itself a “Male Optimizer”, and the distinction is very important to them. They’re blunt and honest about the fact that the over-hyped claims of many testosterone boosters are bad for consumers, and bad for businesses that try to actually help men with symptoms of low testosterone. We need accurate expectations, and the belief that testosterone boosters are going to do everything we want them to do by forcibly spiking testosterone and nothing else is absurd. Testosterone boosters do a lot of things, many of which are focused on hormone regulation (increasing testosterone, decreasing estrogen, etc.), but many of which serve to support the effects that those hormones naturally have in our bodies.

Genius Test is not just out to dispel misinformation, either. They’re trying to prove that when armed with the tools to tackle the symptoms of low testosterone intelligently, testosterone boosters, (or “Male Optimizers”, as they prefer), can do so much more than we have come to expect out of the current era of under-researched ingredients, proprietary blends, and hype-based marketing. And from what we’ve been able to examine about Genius Test, it looks like a strong piece of evidence for their perspective.

Genius Test Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Genius Test IngredientsLook at that label. What do you see? More importantly, what don’t you see? A proprietary blend, that’s what! Full disclosure on their ingredients lets us see exactly what goes into Genius Test‘s formula. And generally, we like what we see. A solid 1000mg of Ashwagandha is an excellent start, with doses landing squarely within or above recommended effective values on all of their ingredients. And no dead weight, here, either. The lack of a vitamin support complex is a bit disappointing, but vitamins are possibly the easiest element to add to a stack at your own discretion. Still, the choices of what to include are solid, featuring several potent multi-pupose ingredients, with no underperformers present.

Chat Around the Web

Unsurprisingly, given everything we’ve noted, so far, Genius Test earns an amazing 4.4 stars on Amazon, with 86% of their 600 user reviews earning 5 stars. These guys are on to something, here.

How Much Does Genius TestĀ Cost?

$55.09 on All of that innovation does not pay for itself. But if you’re interested in one of the best companies for staying ahead of the curve on testosterone booster innovations, that’s the price of entry.

The Pros

  • No proprietary blend; Full disclosure on their formula, which lets you “optimize” with confidence
  • Broad, potent formula; The formula is untargeted, but gets by on sheer quality and potency of overall effect
  • Top-tier customer feedback; Nobody gets user ratings this high through trickery
  • Ideal ingredient selection; Nothing unnecessary, only scientifically-backed ingredients
  • Progressive; This brand is clearly interested in moving their industry forward, not just making a quick buck

The Cons

  • Like most top quality products; They know what they’re worth, and they command a fair, but slightly high price than some others
  • Lack of vitamin support; Vitamins may be easy to get elsewhere, but we’d have liked to see Zinc or some B vitamins make the list

Our Conclusion

A cutting-edge company that also manages to be grounded in customer-satisfaction. And they created a product that demonstrates those priorities. For another great product pushing testosterone boosting to the next level, check out ourĀ Featured Product: Testo Gold.

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