M Drive Review

M Drive ReviewTestosterone boosters come in three main types: those formulated for men looking to improve their exercise efficiency and accelerate their gains, and those focusing on addressing Low T and overall male health, with many hybrids that include aspects of both. M Drive falls solidly into the second category, as a testosterone booster specifically aimed at men in the 35+ age bracket, looking to keep low testosterone symptoms at bay. M Drive presents itself as a high-end product with excellent scientific credentials, a sleek website, and packaging that looks more like a luxury car care product than like a typical testo booster. But all the websites, classy branding, and research in the world don’t count for much unless the results measure up. Read the rest of our M Drive review to see what we’ve found about this testosterone supplement, and whether it has the substance to go with all of it’s style.


The Claimed Benefits of M Drive

  • Elevates libido
  • Supports natural testosterone production
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases overall energy
  • Reduces symptoms of low testosterone in men

What’s the Goal of M Drive?

Low testosterone (Low T) is a real drag. It reduces your libido, saps your energy, makes it harder to maintain your fitness, and worsens your mood. Natural testosterone boosters aim to address this by encouraging  testosterone production, discouraging estrogen production, as well as attempting to counteract the symptoms that low testosterone can cause.

The best testosterone boosters aim to assist your body’s hormone regulation, with a focus on increasing testosterone and decreasing estrogen. This is achieved not by directly ingesting testosterone, but by aiding the processes that control your natural testosterone production.

M Drive relies chiefly on Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali to do most of the hormone-related heavy-lifting in their formula, with the rest of the ingredients being focused on general male health, supporting the effects of these testosterone boosting extracts. In the right doses, this could be a winning strategy, as these two compounds have some of the most reliable clinical evidence for increasing free testosterone in the body. Which brings us to the next question: what’s the dosage on each of the ingredients?

M Drive Review of Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

M Drive Ingredients

The answer: WE DON’T KNOW! DreamBrands (the manufacturer who produces this testosterone booster and other similar products) does not disclose the doses in most of these products, instead keeping their formula hidden by using proprietary blends. M Drive Classic is no different from the rest of their testosterone booster line in this regard. This naturally makes it harder to analyze their formula’s effectiveness in a scientific way. Because of that, it is impossible to tell whether their blend includes those critical testosterone boosting ingredients at appropriate doses.

That said, M Drive’s ingredients themselves (both hormone-related and not) are as claimed: clinically tested mainstays of the testosterone boosting world. With both clinical trials and consistent user results backing them, you can’t go wrong with these ingredients, but only if the doses are correct.

Chat Around the Web

When a company uses proprietary blends, the only real way to know if its working is check the reviews!! M Drive Classic has a weak 3.2 rating on Amazon, and even lower on other sites around the web. NOT great news.

How Much Does M Drive Classic Cost?

$29.95 on Amazon.com

The Pros

  • Excellent ingredient selection, with a high degree of scientific backing for each component
  • High formula diversity – 10 ingredients, each with a wide variety of reported benefits
  • A clear intent: M Drive is mainly focused on addressing the symptoms of low testosterone in men

The Cons

  • Only a small number of the ingredients are shown to specifically affect testosterone levels
  • Uses a proprietary blend, so to tell if it works, you have to ask real users, and…
  • Not very good user reviews of the product.

M Drive Review: Our Conclusion

M Drive brands itself as a refined testosterone supplement, using scientifically supported ingredients that are shown to relieve the symptoms of low testosterone in men. And we must admit, their formula includes some solid components for any testosterone booster. That said, the less-than-impressive user feedback, and the lack of disclosure on the exact doses leaves us a bit underwhelmed by this particular testosterone booster. Our M Drive review concludes that it just doesn’t measure up to the likes of our

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