Let’s take a look at Max Testo XL,  one of many natural testosterone boosters that has a web page full of claims, but not a whole lot of real promise behind it (at least as far as we can see). If you think that you may want to buy Max Testo XL, make sure you read this review first to learn why we’d recommend you stay clear of this supplement and why we think it can’t measure up to the best in the business.



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This product did not earn a very good rating. Feel free to browse our other testosterone booster reviews, or check out our Featured Product Testo Gold!

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The Claimed Benefits of Max Testo XL

  • May see improved strength and stamina
  • Some ingredients are believed to produce sexual benefits
  • Energy levels might be increased

What’s the Goal of Max Testo XL? 

Testo XL is an all natural testosterone booster  that approaches increasing your body’s testosterone levels.  A lot of people don’t know there is a natural way to increase testosterone.  While it may have a few benefits, we do NOT highly recommend Testo XL and encourage you to look at our other more highly ranked testosterone booster reviews.

Max Testo XL Ingredients | What Makes It Tick?

Max Testo XL Ingredients

Max Testo XL sports a formula that looks like almost every other obvious scam supplement we’ve seen. A minimalist blend that still manages to either underdose and overdose on almost every single ingredient it includes. It is hard to mess up worse than  with a blend like this one.

Chat Around The Web

Terrible ratings, and the word “scam” next to their name all over the web. They don’t sell on third-party websites, so no average user review ratings are available, but I don’t think they’re needed with a product this blatantly bad.

How Much Does Max TestoXL Cost?

$94.60, from their official website. YIKES!

The Pros

  • You have a lot of other GOOD choices elsewhere

The Cons

  • There is not a whole lot of reviews if it works or not
  • The website appears scammy, dodgy and sketchy
  • It doesn’t contain more than 4 or 5 ingredients, which is small

Our Final Conclusion 

Max Testo XL, another untrustworthy “testosterone booster” that you should avoid. Don’t worry, though. There are still some manufacturers in the testosterone booster industry that are committed to delivering on customer satisfaction, including our Featured Product: Testo Gold.

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