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Prime Male has been a “Top 10 Supplement”  all over the web along with TestoFuel and Instant Knockout for years. Any ideas why people? BECAUSE THEY PAY A HIGH COMMISSION THAT’S WHY! This same trio is on the top of almost every review list because they have a great commission they pay to the sites that refers the purchase. But wait a sec, that does NOT mean it’s a bad product does it? A lot of “review sites” are just a complete scam and dishonest in their ratings just to earn a commission. They say EVERYTHING else sucks and these are the top 3, because they get paid. We think it should be judged on it’s merits and if it’s throws the site owner a few bucks, great. I DO NOT agree that these 3 “Happen” to fall as the top 3 testosterone boosters on over 200 review websites. I mean let’s have a little honesty here, right? We’re going to tell it like it is, despite the payout. Let’s be truthful and dissect these products fairly.

As you know, nothing brings out pure masculinity like testosterone does. The hormone is responsible for, improving sex drive, sperm production and muscle growth. The body slows the production of testosterone as men age and a hormonal supplement may be a great option to boost those Low-T numbers.

Enter stage left: Prime Male. An insanely familiar testosterone booster supplement, and guess what? Prime Male is actually a very well made product!

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Regardless of the commissions they pay, Prime Male has a great product to back up all that marketing. That being said, we still feel you have a great chance in acheiving the results you’re looking for in our Featured Product Testo Gold!

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The Claimed Benefits of Prime Male

There are huge benefits when you have higher testosterone levels in the body. For example:

  • It boosts your energy levels to limit fatigue
  • Dramatically raises your libido which  can improve your sex life relationship
  • Builds lean muscle mass!
  • Helps rev up your metabolism and shed unwanted pounds from the body
  • Improves your mood /reduces irritability caused by “Low – T”

In other words, Prime Male can help to improve the performance of your body!

What’s the Goal of Prime Male?

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster designed to help restore your youthful balance of testosterone. Testosterone is important to men for a load of reasons. For one it’s responsible for the development of the prostate and testis. Testosterone also is responsible for other characteristics which define the male body, such as body hair, muscles and bone mass.

As time passes by, testosterone levels in the body decline slowly and steadily. Peak production occurs around puberty, but then testosterone hormone levels start to decline near the age of thirty, usually at about the rate of one percent per year thereafter.

After some years, the body starts to change. Muscle mass will be replaced with fat. Men can also begin losing sexual energy and libido can drop as the testosterone levels start to decline. Usually, men start to see declines in performance in many areas of their life. That’s why a testosterone booster like Prime Male could be the answer for many men suffering from “Low T” syndrome.

Prime Male Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Prime Male Ingredients

Fenugreek – Fenugreek seeds contain compounds that are known to stimulate the production of testosterone. Another benefits of fenugreek is increased libido.

D-Aspartic Acid – This is a naturally occurring amino acid found in the testicles. While it may not be an essential amino acid, it still plays an important role of testosterone synthesis.

Korean Red Ginseng – For millenniums this herb has been used in the Far East to boost the immune system, reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. It serves the same function as a testosterone-boosting ingredient.

Luteolin – This citrus flavonoid can help to reduce the production of estrogen while stimulating androgens that lead to testosterone production.

Mucana Pruriens – This ingredient has numerous benefits including; enhancing sexual libido and capacity, increasing energy levels, improving the mood and boosting testosterone production.

Nettle Root – This natural herb has numerous benefits, key among them being the ability to reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It is also linked to the prevention of arthritis and increasing the production of testosterone in the body.

BioPerine – This proprietary compound helps the body to absorb the ingredients in Prime Male more efficiently.

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How Much Does Prime Male Cost?

$69.95 on their website

The Pros

  • This supplement truly has quality, natural ingredients that are proven testosterone boosters.
  • In addition to testosterone boosting, Prime Male promotes overall good health, reducing fatigue while increasing libido.
  • Good ratings from REAL users of the product.

The Cons

  • The product can only be purchased online.

Our Final Conclusion

Prime Male would make a lot of top 10 lists, which is UBER impressive considering the competition! Hopefully this review has provided you with the HONEST answer that despite offering a commission, Prime Male is actually a great product as well! One of the only testosterone boosters we feel more confident in recommending is our Featured Product: Testo Gold.

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