Rev Boost ReviewWhen is a testosterone booster not a testosterone booster? When that testosterone booster is Rev Boost, that’s when! Rev Boost is unique among “testosterone boosters” in that their label literally includes not even a single ingredient with even the slightest correlation with testosterone. It is just four amino acids, none of which are even suspected of affecting testosterone. How this is marketed and sold as a testosterone booster is beyond impossible to understand. Read the rest of our Rev Boost review to find out more about why we wouldn’t even consider this supplement a testosterone booster.




The Claimed Benefits of Rev Boost

  • Naturally increase testosterone production
  • Recharge your energy and stamina
  • Combat feelings of lethargy
  • Prevent loss of muscle mass
  • Restore your passion for life
  • Improve your endurance
  • Promote lean muscle mass
  • Enables faster recovery between workouts
  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase muscle growth

What’s the Goal of Rev Boost?

For boosting testosterone? It just doesn’t. Period. None of Rev Boost’s four ingredients affects testosterone at all, therefore the whole formula does not affect testosterone at all. It is just that simple.

Rev Boost Review of Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?Rev Boost Ingredients

Rev Boost’s formula is a blend of four amino acids, all of which are connected to muscle development, but none of which have any connection to testosterone. What more is there to say? If you’re looking for a testosterone booster, this just isn’t one. Move along.

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How Much Does Rev Boost Cost?

$29.97 on

The Pros

  • Cue the tumbleweeds and wind-sounds

The Cons

  • ZERO testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Calls itself a testosterone booster, anyway
  • Wastes everyone’s time with false marketing

Rev Boost Review: The Final Conclusion

We’re not sure how Rev Boost is sold on Amazon as a testosterone booster, but it shouldn’t be. This is just sad. When we first heard about Rev Boost, we were hesitant about writing a review of it. But we figured that if nothing else, anyone who ended up here could be warned not to trust the misleading claim that it boosts testosterone. If testosterone boosting is what you’re after, why not check out our Featured Product, Testo Gold? Or any of the testosterone boosters we’ve reviewed for that matter, at least they are testosterone boosters, unlike the supplement in this Rev Boost review.

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