Sheer Alpha ReviewWhen you have low testosterone (Low T), your body suffers in a variety of ways. You lack energy, you struggle to maintain or improve your physique, your mood is worsened, and your libido is weakened. That last aspect is what Sheer Alpha seems to focus on, almost exclusively. Unfortunately, it goes too far in trying to address that particular symptom of low testosterone, instead of prioritizing the core premise of all testosterone boosters: boosting testosterone. Make no mistake, all top testosterone boosters make efforts to address the effects of low testosterone. But like everything in life, it is all about striking the right balance, yet Sheer Alpha is as lopsided as they come. Read on into our Sheer Alpha review for an in-depth take on whether this testosterone booster is a good choice or not.

The Claimed Benefits of Sheer Alpha

Let’s kick off this Sheer Alpha review with a rundown of the claimed benefits this product apparently has:

  • Supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Lowers cortisol and estrogen levels
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases mental focus
  • Restores energy
  • Builds muscle
  • Burns fat

How Does Sheer Alpha Work?

Sheer Alpha functions primarily by masking the symptoms of Low T, particularly those related to libido and sexual performance. An admirable aim, to be sure, but not a particularly honest focus for a testosterone booster. When a guy is looking to boost his testosterone, he has enough choices to compare without having to wade through a bunch of “testosterone boosters” that barely affect testosterone at all. Company reputations can be made or broken based on whether the promises they make are kept, and Sheer Alpha does not truly deliver in terms of testosterone boosting. If they simply labeled themselves as a libido booster and sexual enhancer, they’d gain more respect from us. Points for their lack of a proprietary blend, though.

Sheer Alpha Review of Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Sheer Alpha IngredientsFor the portion of Sheer Alpha that actually addresses hormone balance, this testosterone booster functions like any other. It relies on Longjack to increase testosterone, and Diindolylmethane (DIM) to inhibit estrogen. These two components are considered highly reputable for their effects on their respective hormones, but they are the only hormonally relevant ingredients in Sheer Alpha’s entire formula.

The rest of Sheer Alpha’s formula consists almost exclusively of various ingredients that improve sexual performance and elevate libido. Support from a solid vitamin-based testosterone complex would be all it would take to make Sheer Alpha’s testosterone boosting claims hold real weight. The oddball inclusion of Ginko Biloba seems rather out-of-place, but Ginko Biloba is just plain goodstuff, so this is not so much a complaint as a point of confusion: wouldn’t this make more sense to include in a nootropic than in a testosterone booster?

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How Much Does Sheer Alpha Cost?

$49.97 on

The Pros

  • Noteworthy effects on libido and sexual performance
  • Respectable user-satisfaction

The Cons

  • Minimal testosterone boosting
  • Lack of key testo-booster vitamins
  • Rather pricey for their value

Sheer Alpha Review: Our Conclusion

On an ending note for this Sheer Alpha review, for a testosterone booster, Sheer Alpha just does not do enough for actually boosting testosterone. It excels as a sex-enhancer and libido-increaser, with a little testosterone boosting on the side. And both sexual prowess and libido are influenced by testosterone, sure. But they are not the only areas a truly top-quality testosterone booster must address. Make no mistake, testosterone boosting is not the core premise of this blend. With too narrow of a focus, Sheer Alpha simply can’t compare to something well-rounded and thorough, like our

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