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Test Reload is a testosterone booster endorsed by the famous Mike Chang, the creator of “Six Pack” Shortcuts. Test Reload is also a natural testosterone booster.  Using an all natural testosterone booster can help users to gain lean muscle mass, boost sex drive, increase stamina and help in the fight against the effects of aging. It has shown to help users optimize their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. It even helps to break down stubborn body fats. Mr. Chang’s exercise program is excellent as well as his diet plans… but how are his supplements?

Read this Test Reload review to understand what makes it a decent supplement that did not make it very high in our rankings.


Test Reload
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    Overall - 5.3/10


Test Reload is an okay testosterone booster, but there are definitely better options out there! For example, our Featured Product Testo Gold! blows this product out of the water on every level.

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The Claimed Benefits of Test Reload

  • May increase muscle mass
  • Can help with strength and endurance
  • Certain ingredients can encourage enhanced sexual performance
  • Test Reload ingredients may help with the symptoms of Low T

What’s the Goal of Test Reload?

Test Reload is another in a long list of natural testosterone boosters that are all designed to help your body produce testosterone. Many men suffer from Low T or Low Testosterone levels. These types of natural supplements are specifically designed to work to get your body to organically produce more of its own testosterone.

NOW, before you run out to buy Test Reload, make sure you educate yourself and read some of our other testosterone booster reviews to see which ones we consider top notch and why. We like Test Reload, but there are numerous testo booster supplements we ranked higher than this one… Read on!

Test Reload Ingredients – What Makes It Tick?

Test Reload IngredientsWith almost everything in the formula hidden behind a proprietary blend, it is hard to actually analyze Test Reload’s formula in much depth. The ingredient selection is actually decent, if not amazing. And the overall dose is reasonable enough, but without actual doses, we just can’t be sure what ingredients are or are not included in appropriate amounts. Also, Vitamin D3 is great and all, but 1000% daily value doesn’t do any more good than 100%. Not that it matters much, since D3 isn’t something you can really overdose on. But it casts suspicions on what the hidden doses might actually look like.

The Pros

  • Includes multiple ingredients that are supported by clinical evidence
  • Uses a potential estrogen blocker
  • Side effects should be minimal
  • Overall potency is pretty high

The Cons

  • Uses a proprietary blend, so the individual dosages are hidden. We cannot see how much of each ingredient is used!

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How Much Does Test Reload Cost?

$67.95 on amazon with just 3.5 stars

Our Final Conclusion 

Test Reload uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, which is considered a major red flag in the industry since proprietary blend means the dosages of each ingredient are not disclosed. This and the fact that they have so-so reviews are the main reasons we do NOT recommend Test Reload and would encourage you to take a look at Testo Gold, our Featured Product, instead.

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