Test Worx Review

Test Worx Review

It is hard to stand out as a testosterone booster, with every brand trying to be louder than its competitors. Bold claims are made, LARGE FONTS ARE USED, and every manufacturer clamors for attention until it all just sounds like noise. Test Worx, on the other hand, is quiet, understated, and low-key. It does not raise its voice. It does not ask you to pay attention to it.

Yet, it is among the best-selling testosterone boosters on the market today, and one of the oldest still sold, all while maintaining an absolutely absurd quantity and quality of user-reviews. Test Worx is a workhorse: unglamorous, but proven through years of consistent, steady results.



The Claimed Benefits of Test Worx

  • Improves muscle growth
  • Enhances drive
  • Aids body fat loss
  • Promotes energy
  • Improves muscle recovery time

What’s the Goal of Test Worx?

And how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Tongue-twisters aside, Test Worx operates on the same basic principals as any testosterone booster: Increase testosterone production in the body while inhibiting production of hormones that counteract testosterone. Test Worx focuses a lot of its efforts on blocking Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), a biochemical that binds to testosterone, and keeps your body from making full use of what a testosterone booster is providing you.

Test Worx Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Test Worx Ingredients

This formula is a bit of an old-school greatest-hits album, featuring mostly mainstays of testosterone boosting that have stood the test of time. B vitamins and Zinc are the only ingredients we know the doses on though.

That said, we were surprised that such a simple blend has produced such staggering results for so many users. With an outlier like Test Worx, you expect some curveballs in the ingredients list, but there are no surprises to be found here, just classics, apparently done right.

That proprietary blend scores them no points with us, as we’re big fans of scientifically understanding the testosterone boosters we examine. That said, with the chorus of praise from most of their users, there was no could dispute the results users of Test Worx all claim.

What are Users Saying?

When a testosterone booster does not disclose its exact formula, the only way to tell how well it works is to examine what actual users are saying. This is where Test Worx really shines: user satisfaction. Proprietary blend or not, we have to respect their solid 4.3 star rating on Amazon, with a whopping 5,800+ reviews at the time of this writing. Those are some impressive, consistent results.

How Much Does Test Worx Cost?

$59.95 on Amazon.com

The Pros

  • Serious customer approval, with thousands of high-star reviews
  • No gimmicks or cruft, just tried-and-true ingredients
  • History; Veterans of the craft, Superior Labs is a known and trusted company
  • Consistency; Test Worx has gone largely unchanged for years, never following industry fads

The Cons

  • Proprietary blend; one of the only things holding this testosterone booster back, in our eyes
  • A bit pricey for the overall dose; not massively so, but it may be a consideration
  • Lack of innovation; we’d love to see Superior Labs’ take on some modern advancements

The Final Verdict

Results. They’re all that matter, in the end. Other products can boast all they like, Superior Labs doesn’t care. They may not have the most cutting edge ingredients, but they’re among the best at what they do. This is actually great for the industry as a whole, too. Test Worx makes it harder for uninspired testosterone boosters to survive. Truly innovative testosterone boosters create their own niches, and are great for those looking to experiment and find the absolute best formula for their needs. But simple, broad-market testosterone boosters have to compete directly with Test Worx, and you can’t do that with hot-air and bravado, you need to be remarkable. That’s why, despite using a proprietary blend, Test Worx is among many people’s Top Picks, and a product we are proud to see our Featured Product, Testo Gold compared favorably to.

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