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Testerone pills a.k.a. Testerone XL is a testosterone supplement that is very poorly rated by Amazon customers and many user reviews elsewhere on the web. If that’s why you’re here, by all means read the review below. If you’re here and want info on GREAT TESTOSTERONE PILLS then please Click HERE.


Testerone XL
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The Bottom Line:

This product has not seen any good reviews anywhere. Check out Our Featured Product Testo Gold for a product you can actually rely on.

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How Do Testerone Pills Work?

Supposedly designed to help individuals with falling levels of the all-important male sex hormone, testosterone. Suffering from low testosterone can be a frustrating existence and often puts strain on relationships. Natural supplements are an option for men who have Low-T. With so many different natural testosterone boosters on the market, trying to find the best ones can be difficult. The bottom line: Testerone pills did NOT make it high on the list of the good testosterone supplements. In fact, it landed towards the very bottom of all of our reviews.

The Claimed Benefits of Testerone Pills

Testerone XL is a testosterone booster available online. It makes some ODDLY specific promises about what it can deliver:

  • 30% more muscle mass in less than 30 days.
  • 35% decrease in workout fatigue.
  • 42% increase in athletic endurance.
  • 52% increase in how ripped you look.

What are Testerone XL Ingredients?

Testerone Pills Ingredients

They do not disclose their formula on their own website, but according to sources elsewhere on the internet, their ingredients are as you see on the left. The ingredient choices are all fairly solid, with Viamin B6, Magnesium, and Zinc being among the oldest ingredient synergies used in testosterone boosters. DAA is a modern staple, and while Tribulus Terrestris isn’t the best for T-boosting, Testerone pills are hardly the testosterone boosters using its libido-enhancing effects.

The real problem with Testerone pills come with the doses. The dose on the DAA is flat-out insulting. You would need somewhere in the realm of 15 to 20 times that dose to match almost any other DAA-based testosterone booster. Plus, the Zinc dose is well into the realm that could cause some unpleasant side-effects if you have any other significant source of zinc in your diet, according to the United States National Institute of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements.

Do Testerone Pills Work?

Testerone XL Reviews From Users
When we review a supplement, we take into account the vast experiences of users who have used the product. It’s important to pay attention to what actual users are saying to see if they are feeling positive effects from taking the supplement, so we looked at a vast number of Testerone reviews submitted by users to see what they were saying.

It seems most people are not having a very positive experiences with Testerone. The reviews were overall very negative, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lot of benefits to be experienced here. This is one of the main reasons we don’t recommend this product.

The Pros

  • No proprietary blend, which lets us see that…

The Cons

  • …testerone pills are not only ineffective, they stand a strong chance of making you sick
  • Terrible doses, with ingredients either being significantly underdosed or overdosed
  • One of the lowest rated supplement out there

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Amazon with just 2.2 stars
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How Much Does Testerone Cost?

$29.50 on amazon with just 2.2 stars /26 reviews

Our Final Conclusion 

Overall, Testerone XL just doesn’t perform well according to users like most other natural testosterone supplements on the market do. It also was rated very poorly on Amazon.com, which is never a good sign for any supplement or product for that matter. Find out what one of the higher rated products on the market did differently on our Sponsored Product Page!

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