TestoBoostWhether you’re here because you’re struggling with low testosterone (a.k.a. Low T), or because you’re looking to get more mileage out of your exercise regimen, you know that testosterone is essential to male health. It helps govern everything from your physique to your sex drive. Testosterone gives you energy and focus, and helps keep your brain sharp. Natural testosterone boosters exist to help both those who are noticing a dip in their testosterone levels, as well as those who just want an extra edge. But with literally hundreds of testosterone boosters to choose from, everybody could use some help sifting through all the junk to find the best products.

Sadly, TestoBoost falls firmly into the “Junk” pile. With a formula that focuses heavily on feel-good ingredients that don’t do much, as well as some over-dosed ingredients that cause serious risk of side effects, it is clear that TestoBoost lacks the research and effort that it takes to make a top-quality testosterone booser. Read the rest of our TestoBoost review to get a full explanation of where we think this product falls short, and what we think the best testosterone boosters on the market do differently.

  • 4.1/10
    Overall - 4.1/10


Unoriginality at its worst. TestoBoost duplicates a formula we’ve seen on many low-grade testosterone boosters before, milligram for milligram. It was a bad formula when previous companies used it, and it is a bad formula now. To see what can happen when a company improves upon the formulas of its predecessors, check out our Featured Product Testo Gold!

The Claimed Benefits of TestoBoost

  • Proven Results
  • Powerful and Effective
  • Spike Atheletic Performance
  • Reliable
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

What’s the Goal of TestoBoost?

Natural testosterone boosters all have the same goal: to increase your testosterone levels naturally. It’s kinda right there in the name. However, while their goals might be the same, their formulas shouldn’t be. With so many potential ingredients that affect testosterone production in all sorts of different ways, there’s always room for experimentation to find the best formula. TestoBoost, however, isn’t interested in any of that. Rather than pioneer any new ideas or optimize old ones, they just recycle an old (and frankly mediocre) model, with a new name. TestoBoost’s formula is identical, down to the milligram, to several other cheaply made testosterone boosters that we’ve seen before. And just like with those low-tier products, TestoBoost has nothing new to offer except its packaging.

TestoBoost Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

TestoBoost IngredientsNot a lot to be impressed by, here. Most of TestoBoost’s ingredients are underdosed to the point of uselessness. The majority of the dosage goes to Tribulus Terrestris, which has long been discredited as an actual testosterone booster, and is known to primarily be a libido-enhancer. The Zinc content is also far too high. That much zinc on a daily basis puts you at the maximum zinc intake before major side effects typically set in. Any significant zinc intake in your diet puts you over that limit, and could make you quite ill. Zinc is essential for life (and for producing testosterone), but too much of it is highly toxic.

Chat Around the Web

4.1 stars on Amazon.com, 3.7 average rating elsewhere around the web.
Normally we would award more points for this high of a user response, but with a formula like this one, it counts for much less. With so much of the formula being bound up in ingredients that feel like they boost your testosterone, but actually don’t, we suspect many of TestoBoost’s positive scores may come from false-positives.

How Much Does TestoBoost Cost?

$23.95 on Amazon.com

The Pros

  • No proprietary blend; this lets us know immediately that TestoBoost has nothing new to offer.
  • Low price; but only if you don’t consider how little actual testosterone boosting potential it has.

The Cons

  • Unoriginal; We’ve seen this exact formula from several other brands, already.
  • Ineffective; The formula isn’t even a good one, it is just cheap to manufacture.
  • Serious potential for side effects; Zinc content is well above what a supplement should provide, and could easily make users sick.

Our Conclusion

TestoBoost is hardly the first paint-by-numbers testosterone booster we’ve seen. We would criticize the decisions that went into the production of TestoBoost, but it honestly doesn’t even seem like any decisions were actually made. They simply found a formula, copied it, and hoped for the best. Don’t support this kind of lazy business practice. Make no mistake, learning from your competitors is a time-honored tradition, but only if your product improves upon those old ideas in some way. That’s one of the many reasons we’re so fond of our Featured Product, Testo Gold. It takes inspiration from many older testosterone boosters, but refines those concepts to perfection!

Testo Gold