TestoRush review TestoRush RX testosterone booster supplementWhen comparing different testosterone boosters, an important step is cutting through all the hype. Every testosterone booster makes bold claims: “My product will boost your libido”, “Use our supplement to help you build more muscle mass”, “This will give you more energy and focus”, etcetera. And with a properly formulated booster, these benefits are certainly possible. TestoRush RX is NOT a properly formulated testosterone booster, though. Far from it, and we’re going to uncover how and why here in our TestoRush review.

Low testosterone causes some real issues, and people seeking solutions want real, reliable results. That means clinically proven ingredients, in quantities shown to produce meaningful improvement. TestoRush RX instead opts for an oddball assortment of exotic East-Asian herbs, in unimpressive (and unspecified) amounts, and an excessively long ingredient list that still only contains one testosterone-boosting component.


The Claimed Benefits of TestoRush RX

All from their official site, grammar mistakes included:

  • “if you use it as recommended you should have the following result as soon as much”
  • It increase the free testosterone
  • Increase muscles mass
  • Makes body tougher
  • Boost sex drive
  • Give ripped body
  • Increase metabolism and reduce fat
  • Increase energy and mental focus
  • Reduce the muscles recovery time
  • Build lean and strengthen body
  • Prevent testosterone loss

What’s the Goal of TestoRush RX?

TestoRush RX barely pretends to be a testosterone booster. Almost none of its ingredients are shown to have any connection to testosterone, with almost all of them being libido enhancers, testosterone mimics, and other smoke-and-mirrors tricks meant to make you feel like you have higher testosterone, without actually doing anything to impact that oh-so-important hormone.

TestoRush Review of Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

TestoRush RX Ingredients TestoRush Review

TestoRush RX’s label is completely bonkers. It genuinely lists “Fruit” as an ingredient. No particular fruit, just “Fruit”. It could be strawberries, or it could be opium poppies, they’re not telling us. Not that they’re telling us much, with literally every ingredient in TestoRush RX being part of a single low-dose proprietary blend. It’d be a compliment to call this label useless.

Chat Around the Web

The average TestoRush review has it rated at just 2.7 stars from user reviews we found around the web.

How Much Does TestoRush RX Cost?

$89.95 from their official website, after a 1-month free-trial period.

The Pros

  • Serves as an excellent lesson in what to avoid

The Cons

  • Insanely overpriced
  • Proprietary blend
  • Con-artist marketing
  • Free-trial auto-ship program
  • Near-useless label
  • Terrible ingredient selection
  • Absurdly low overall dose
  • Official site reads like a “Nigerian Prince” email-scam
  • “Fruit”

TestoRush Review: The Final Conclusion

Whatever it is you want out of a testosterone booster, it isn’t to be found in TestoRush RX. There’s almost nothing to like about this blend, and almost no information available from the company to answer the many questions that their label creates. They do not even show any official images of their label, for that matter. That information has to be trawled for on other websites, because they don’t share it. How do you get any sketchier than that? The main takeaway of our TestoRush review is that there is no reason to deal with a disreputable company like the makers of TestoRush RX, not when you could buy from the respected manufacturer behind our

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