TestosterallWe’ve seen our share of testosterone booster scams around the web, but Testosterall (and it’s color-swapped twin, Testosterall Testo Blend) might just be the scammiest of them all. Testosterall uses all the classic scam tricks (“Free” Trials, Auto-ship programs, doesn’t sell through any third parties, etc.), but it sinks even lower. We have strong reason to believe that neither Testosterall nor Testosterall Testo Blend actually exist, at all! Their many near-identical websites constantly prompt you to order a free trial, with links in the text, in the banners, in the sidebars, everywhere they can fit a purchase link. But NONE of those links actually lead you to a way to purchase Testosterall. They link to purchase pages for other products, themselves known to be scams.

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If it were possible for us to put a lower score, we would. We hope you don’t judge other testosterone boosters based on this embarrassment, there are some genuinely fantastic products on the market. Browse some of our highly-rated reviews to see what legitimate work is being done with natural testosterone boosters. Or, jump straight from the worst to the best, and read about ourFeatured Product Testo Gold!

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The Claimed Benefits of Testosterall

Between the two of them, Testosterall and Testosterall Testo Blend have several different websites that all use the same images and format, with different text and linking to different products. With that many sites, they have a load of claims, but we aren’t going to do them the favor of repeating them here. The only claim we’re going to address is the claim that it actually exists. And going by the evidence available, it does not!

How Does Testosterall Work?

A product can’t work if it doesn’t exist! That said, it masquerades as a natural testosterone booster. Those work by encouraging your body to produce more testosterone, and to make better use of the testosterone it has. When your body doesn’t have enough testosterone (a phenomenon known as Low Testosterone or Low T), you suffer all manner of different symptoms. Your libido sputters out; you feel drained of energy; you can’t get the same results out of your exercise, which leads to lower muscle mass and higher body fat; even your mind is affected, with many men with Low T having mood swings or falling into depression.

Clearly, any man dealing with low testosterone needs results. Testosterall (and the other scammers that they enable) prey upon that need. They try to rush you into purchasing before you’ve examined all the options, with countdown timers that claim you’ll miss your chance at their free trial, and the relief they claim it will bring from the symptoms of low testosterone. But it is all fake. The timer resets as soon as you leave the page, the free trial traps you into months of expensive charges, the product you tried to order isn’t what they sell you, and what you do finally receive is as effective as sugar pills. We can’t stress enough: AVOID TESTOSTERALL!

Testosterall Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Testosterall IngredientsMost of these kinds of scam pages do their best to hide their product details, but we can almost always find something. They make vague claims of a few ingredients they supposedly use, but fail to post an ingredient label. We are used to this, though, and know how to find that information from other sources. When it comes to Testosterall, though, there isn’t anything to find. There is no such thing as Testosterall, the product is a fake, meant to let old scams try to sell themselves under a new name.

Chat Around the Web

There are no Testosterall users (and thus no user reviews), because there is no way to purchase it. Like most testosterone booster scams, they don’t sell on third-party websites, such as Amazon or GNC. But they also don’t even sell it on their own websites that claim to be doing exactly that! Instead, their purchase links direct you to other free-trial auto-ship scams. The self-proclaimed testosterone boosters that Testosterall tries to trick you into buying, though? Those have reviews, and they’re among the worst on the internet, averaging mostly between one and two stars, having been exposed as scams long ago.

How Much Does Testosterall Cost?

Testosterall tells you that it is a free trial. Then, like many scams before them, they bury the real price ($89.95) in that trial’s Terms & Conditions document, along with the information that you’ll be automatically charged that price once-per-month starting the moment that the two-week trial ends. This is a classic scam move.

But even that isn’t the truth! You won’t be paying that insane price for it, you’ll be paying that price for other, previously exposed scams that are using it’s fake brand to try to trick more buyers out of their money. This is the worst form of scam-artistry we’ve seen in the industry: DON’T FALL FOR IT!

The Pros

Nothing. This is the most disgusting scam we’ve encountered to date.

The Cons

High price
“Free” trial
Auto-ship program
No ingredient label
And in case we forgot to mention: TESTOSTERALL DOES NOT EXIST!

The Final Conclusion

Testosterall is the worst product we’ve had the displeasure to research, and we urge you to waste no more time on this scam. It isn’t just a bad testosterone booster. It isn’t one of those testosterone boosters with no testosterone-related ingredients. Heck, it isn’t even a sugar-pill placebo. Testosterall does not exist! It’s nothing more than a new face for old scams. And there you have it: the worst product in testosterone boosting. Now that you’ve seen the worst, though, why not check out the best? Namely, our Featured Product: Testo Gold.

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