Testro-X ReviewThis Testro-X Review seems to us like a case of another testo formula that just doesn’t get results for it’s users. The rising demand for testosterone boosters by those who want to salvage their sex life and bodybuilders has led to a blossoming market for manufacturers. Testro-X is one of those products that hit the market with a bang courtesy of their vast marketing. Whether you came across it in an advertisement or someone suggested it, you’re in the right place to find out everything about it. We’ve prepared this in-depth Testro-X review to give you the genuine insight on what exactly you get before you decide whether to buy or not.

Testro-X may have all the right intentions and formulation; however, it will not give you the desired results. It’s a case of more promising and less delivering. So if you were wondering if it is worth buying, then the bottom line answer is, No, you can get better options available like Testo Gold.


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    Testro-X - 6.1/10


Testro-X may have all the right intentions and formulation; however, it has not seemed to give users their desired results. It is a case of more promising and less delivering. So if you were wondering if it is worth buying, then the straight answer is, No, there are better options available like Our Featured Product Testo Gold!

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According to the official website and online stores that sell the Testro-X, the following are the claimed benefits:

  • Muscle growth where there is an increase in lean muscle tissue, strength and endurance in workouts
  • Boosts the sex drive and performance in the bedroom
  • High-quality sleep and recovery
  • Increases your daytime energy
  • Improves overall masculinity and assertiveness


The goal of this product is to naturally boost testosterone levels to help users suffering from low testosterone levels. Low T is commonly a result of ageing but can also be due to the use of certain medications like opiates and steroids, chronic illnesses, tumors and infections in your testicles. The process is often gradual, and you will do notice changes when it’s well advanced.

Sexually, it becomes harder to achieve and maintain an erection which often is the genesis of problems with your partner. The Truth Natura company that manufactures the Testro-X has its target group as the over 40 man whose sex life is dipping due to dropping T levels. Libido or the sex drive which also decreases with falling T levels. Low sperm production and infertility also kick in.

Physically, there is a reduction in muscle mass, an increase in body fat and difficulty in keeping your shape. Enlargement of breasts may occur, and extreme fatigue also accompanies these changes. The problem is worsened by emotional changes with depression, mood swings and irritability and sleep changes where insomnia starts dominating. To solve these problems, Testro-X was supposed to be formulated to bring back up your testosterone levels.


Among the products that have shown attention to detail when it comes to their formula is Testro-X. They are all natural and thus Testro-X Ingredientsnaturally stimulate your body to produce testosterone. You can find many of these ingredients in T boosters. It has the following ingredients:

Zinc gluconate (15mg)- scientifically proven to increase levels of testosterone, its free form and metabolites together with Luteinizing Hormone which stimulates the production of the male hormone

Magnesium citrate(150mg)- increases the available testosterone by reducing SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which binds testosterone

Boron Citrate (10mg)- Increases testosterone and DHT while reducing estrogen

KM-66 Organic Ashwagandha(400mg)- reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone

Forskohlii root extract(250mg)- boosts energy production and function

Inositol, L-theanine, L-glycine– boost the Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone that triggers the increased testosterone production

Bioperine– boosts the absorption of the ingredients


When you look at the product details on the official website and online stores, you may think that it will do magic. However, if you’re looking for a good testro-x review, you will notice it has received a lot of negative reviews across the web. On Amazon, the average testro-x review leaves the product only rated at 3.1 out of 5 stars by actual users. Many of the negative reviews were REALLY negative. The users had unanimous complaints that the product didn’t work. Most of them had used the product for more than 3 months and seen neither an increase in testosterone levels according to blood tests nor improvement in the symptoms. Some even complained of side effects like diarrhea. As expected, on their official site, it is rated at 4.8stars. This rating cannot be trusted as there is no way of establishing if the customers are real or fake.


It is at $54.95 on Amazon. The price is the same on the official website.


  • Decent formulation with a couple proven ingredients like Zinc and Boron
  • All good ingredients
  • Does try to address the underlying issues of the low Testosterone
  • Has discount packages and money back guarantee


  • Expensive compared to the other products like it that have so few ingredients
  • No proven results with many negative reviews on Amazon
  • No scientific evidence that can back all of it’s website claims
  • Reported side effect issues with this supplement

Testro-X Review: CONCLUSION

On an ending note for our Testro-X review, Testro-X was created with all the good intentions of boosting the levels of testosterone, however, it has failed at delivering promising results. The product seems pretty impressive and give the feel of a superior product, but the customers that use it are not impressed with the results.

That said, the less-than-exciting user feedback, and the low dosages of key ingredients leave us underwhelmed by this particular testosterone booster. It just doesn’t measure up to many better T-Boosters like our

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