TribestanTribestan is solely a Tribulus Terrestris based testosterone booster. Yes, that’s right ONE ingredient, and a low dose at that. You can waste time reading this Tribestan review that has nothing good to say, or just goto our Featured Product and get it done and done right!

  • 2.9/10
    Tribestan  - 2.9/10


This product does not have a very good rating AT ALL! Find out what the highest rated products on the market do differently on this list of the Top 10 Testosterone Boosters or our Featured Top Rated Product.

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Tribestan Review of Claimed Benefits

  • Could help increase sex drive
  • Can improve energy levels
  • Strength and endurance could be increased

How Does Tribestan Work? 

Tribestan is based on the idea that testosterone levels could be naturally increased through the use of natural, herbal ingredients. In a perfect world, you want your body to naturally produce its own genuine, authentic testosterone. Natural testo boosters are designed for just that purpose, which is why we are such big fans! As a sneak peak into the rest of our Tribestan review, we don’t think Tribestan is your best bet (read on to understand why). We highly recommend you check out some of our other testosterone booster reviews before making any final decisions.

Tribestan Review of Ingredients – What Makes It Tick?

There are several natural ingredients out their which have been tested for their abilities to raise testosterone levels. A lot of these substances showed promising results across clinical trials, which lead manufacturers to believe they could create natural testosterone supplements through the use of these proven ingredients.

One of the most fully studied ingredients out there in relation to testosterone levels is Tribulus TerrestrisThis one has been shown good results time and time again. That’s why you will usually see it on the  label of just about any decent testosterone booster out there. Most men appreciate this ingredient, and we can certainly understand why that is after going over some of the evidence.

The problem here is Tribestan is based SOLELY on this ONE ingredient! Most of the top testosterone boosters out there tend to contain about 6-10 different ingredients that have been shown to help with testosterone. Since this formula(if you can call it that) only contains one ingredient! You are banking entirely on Tribulus to get the T-Boost job done. Why do that when you can get 8-13 ingredients for the same cost and you get a whole lot more for your money!  Ideally, testosterone boosters should contain at least 6 clinically studied ingredients.

This testosterone booster contains 250 MG of Tribulus in every serving. 250 MG is not even a decent dosage, but again, you would be banking entirely on this one ingredient which you should not do. The #1 rated testosterone supplement on this site has 500mg of Tribulus in addition to 12 other ingredients! Why wouldn’t you want to take a supplement with like 6-10 testosterone booster ingredients in it instead of a supplement with just 1?

The Pros

  • The main  ingredient is sound
  • Tribulus is one of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients
  • The Tribulus dosage is decent

The Cons

  • It only contains one ingredient
  • Overall potency is comparatively very low

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A lot of 3 – 3.5 ratings

How Much Does Tribestan Cost?

$39.95 on amazon

Our Final Conclusion 

Tribestan is not even a formula with just one ingredient, is it? lol. You can but the one ingredient on Amazon for $10 if you think it will help all by itself. Our opinion is to avoid this particular supplement and take a look at Testo Gold and check all the THIRTEEN ingredients that we think are WAY better.

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