Vintage Boost Review

Vintage Boost ReviewNobody likes dealing with low testosterone (Low T). It negatively impacts every aspect of your life: mental health, sexual enthusiasm, physical performance, and appearance. To top it off, wading through all the testosterone boosters on the market is often just adding insult to injury, with scams, under-dosed products, misleading advertising, phony review sites, and other sub-par practices making it hard to find a product that is real, honest, and functional.

Vintage Boost by Old School Labs is a refreshing change of pace from the all-too-common absurdity that plagues the testosterone boosting industry. Their formula is simple, well laid out, and completely free of unnecessary components. Best of all, they tell you the exact dose of every element contained within it. They’re very informative, with plenty of details provided about exactly how to optimize your usage of Vintage Boost, from their intriguing Wave-Loaded dosing schedule, to their ingredient selections and exactly what role each is meant to fulfill.

The Claimed Benefits of Vintage Boost

  • Work with your endocrine system to balance your hormones
  • Increase strength and muscle hardness
  • Reduce muscle recovery time
  • Improve mental performance
  • Enhance Libido and sexual health

What’s the Goal of Vintage Boost?

Vintage Boost operates on the same basic principal as many streamlined testosterone boosters: D-Asparatic Acid for big testosterone spikes, and some support ingredients to provide overall health benefits. The second aspect is where this product shines, and also where it falls short for some user’s needs. See, many of the “support ingredients” other boosters use are largely irrelevant to testosterone boosting, and Vintage Boost cuts all of those, leaving it streamlined and focused. And everything it does include is top-quality, with strong scientific support for their uses. However, it includes few of any support ingredients, other than its vitamin blend, leaving it as a rather specialized testosterone booster, with the best returns to be found when it is used as part of a stack.

Vintage Boost Ingredients | What Makes it Tick?

Vintage Boost IngredientsOh boy, folks, this is the good stuff. Vintage Boost contains nothing you don’t need, with only top-grade ingredients. It is built around D-Asparatic Acid as the primary testosterone booster. This is an excellent choice, if used properly, and serves as one of the best ingredients for achieving high spikes of testosterone, and is very complementary to a blend that provides broader benefits. It also includes Shilajit Extract, one of the most exciting new elements of several cutting-edge boosters.

The one weakness of Vintage Boost is that it does not include many support ingredients or general wellness boosters like Ashwagandha. But that weakness also makes it an ideal choice for someone looking to build a stack out of specialized testosterone boosters of the highest quality. Best of all, they fully disclose their formula: NO PROPRIETARY BLEND! This lets you make the most informed decisions, and understand exactly what you are getting and why. And you’re getting a lot. Doses on everything are well within optimal ranges, neither over- nor under-dosed. A really well-put together formula, down to the details.

Chat Around the Web

Excellent customer response! 4.4 stars on Amazon, with over 750 user reviews. Similar or better reviews from other actual users around the web.

How Much Does Vintage Boost Cost?

$49.99 on, an excellent price for such a top-quality product.

The Pros

  • Amazing customer reviews; The proof is in the pudding, and Vintage Boost has it where it counts
  • No proprietary blend; Full disclosure on their formula, which lets you supplement with confidence
  • Tight, focused formula; Old School Labs knows what they want Vintage Boost to do, and it shows
  • Informative; They explain every aspect of their product so that new users and veterans alike can know exactly what to expect

The Cons

  • A bit of a slim blend; could benefit from a more diverse formula, but serves as an excellent component in a top-tier stack

Our Conclusion

Wow. Rarely do we find a company we can approve of so whole-heartedly, but Old School Labs is doing things right. Vintage Boost on its own is a bit specialized, but consider taking them as part of a stack that includes some of our other high-rated testosterone boosters, and especially our Featured Product, Testo Gold, as the two complement one another amazingly well.

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